4 October 2013

Living Life To The Extremes

Have you ever just looked at your life and wanted to do something different, something exciting, something extreme? 

Watched those people on telly jumping out of planes and said that you wish that you were brave enough to do something like that?

Yes? Well that's me too!

Looking at other people around me and realising that they have done all this exciting stuff and I haven't really done anything. The most exciting thing I have ever done is to pop 2 children out and that wasn't really exciting. More like excruciating pain. 

But then again, I look at these extreme sports and would love to dive out of the air, fly through the sky or whatever but am not brave enough to. I know that I would be too scared. The only way I would go out of a plane is if someone threw me out. 

I hate being scared of heights and water and wished that I could just conquer my fears doing something like this. Just strap on some balls and go for it. In at the deep end as they say. 

I would love to go bungee jumping and feeling that rush as you go plummeting to the ground to then pulled back up by the stretchy rope. It must be so exhilarating. Or to jump out of plane and know that the only thing between me and sudden death is a parachute and a whole load of air. 

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I would love to go on an active holiday somewhere abroad. Explora Morocco are based on the very trendy cost town of Essaouira and offer lessons in kitesurfing which is a mix of flying through the air and gliding along the water. 

Feeling the power of the wind and the sea pushing me around would be such a thrill and would free the mind of all stress whilst doing something so exhilarating. 

I would love to go scuba diving in some warm waters somewhere exotic and see vibrantly coloured fish, as long as they don't touch me eurgh! Go dolphin spotting and watch as huge whales swim past. 

All these sports and just the amazing things in the world are passing me by and I need to get out there and start trying to conquer my fears. 

I just cannot imagine how good it must feel to just get out there and do something. Whether it be a sport or just watching our beautiful world go by, but one thing I do know is that I need to get out there and try things out before it gets too late and I may end up regretting it.

Have you ever done an extreme sport or done been to somewhere exotic?

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  1. Live a life full of adventure, you only get once to live.

  2. I haven't done any extreme sports or anything for an adrenaline junkie but I seem to find people who do jet off to exotic countries or throw themselves off bridges attached to bungee cords are people without children, my sister was telling one of my neighbours how jealous she was getting to go off to Mexico for 3 weeks, the woman's reply was "well you chose to have children". And I do honestly think the people living that sort of life are losing out on the best adventure ever, it may not be 5 mins packed full of adrenaline but it's a lifetime full of fun, laughter, happiness and never knowing what's around the corner.

  3. im not very adventurous im afraid, then again I don't feel the need to be

  4. Pam Francis Gregory15 October 2013 at 11:19

    Not done any & probably won't either!

  5. I'm not extreme in any way. I'd like to visit far flung places of the world but I would never do anything thrilling or dangerous.