8 October 2013

Kids Capture The Colour Summer Photography Competition

Thomas loves taking photos and used to always be grabbing my camera to try and take the perfect shot. This seems to be rubbing off on Charlie too as since we received the camera for the Kids Capture the Colour competition from Travel Supermarket, he has been busy trying to use the camera and taking loads of random photos. I guess it's great to start young. 

I think they have got the love of taking photos from me as I have albums full of photos that I have taken over the years and still loads on memory cards which need developing. The actual reason I started this blog was somewhere to document my photographs too.

Ever since we received the camera for this competition, I have seized every opportunity for Thomas to take photos and made sure that the camera was always in my bag so he could just pop it out at any time to get the shot. 

There are five categories for the competition: White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. I didn't tell Thomas about the colours and instead just pushed him to taking any photos and later going through them to find the perfect ones. I whole 324 photographs later, we have our photos for the colours. 

So without further ado, here are Thomas' entries into the Kids Capture The Colour Competition:

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This first one I wasn't so sure about at first as to whether we could class it as blue but because of the sky in the background and accompanying t-shirt, I think it suits quite well. This photo came about whilst Thomas was jumping on the trampoline and I was trying to stand under him whilst he jumped s I could get a photo of him up in the air. He then decided that he wanted to do this too but with Charlie. Of course, since Charlie cannot jump that high, Simon decided he would help by holding Charlie into the air so Thomas could get the perfect photo. 

The second blue photo is self explanatory really. A nice blue story book. This one has sentimental value though as Thomas and I have written and illustrated one of the stories in it. 

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We are always walking down the canal as it is so close to our house and when Thomas took this photo, I knew that we would be able to use it for this competition. The greens stand out so much.

Secondly, a green train at York Museum. This is the second time we have visited the museum and after having a great time earlier in the year, we just had to go back and visit again. Thomas enjoyed capturing all of the trains on film. 

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We bought this for the garden a while ago and I like the fact that it makes our garden look pretty and since then we went and bought more of them to place throughout. I think the red stands out so much on this photo and Thomas loves this one too.

This one is easily one of my favourites. The fact that the umbrella stands out so much and also how Thomas knew that he could turn the camera round to take a 'selfie' I couldn't decide whether this would go under red or blue but eventually decided that the red stood out more. 


Another photo that was taken down at the canal. I guess we have some many from there as it is one of Thomas' favourite places so he is always snapping whilst there. The white from the bridge, steps and posts stands out in this one. 

A lovely white flower that we wondered past in one of our local parks. Thomas has taken loads of flowery photographs but this white one is beautiful. Thomas also shot the photo of the berries too.

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Thomas and I had an argument over this one. I thought the tractor was orange but Thomas thinks yellow and so we included it into the competition entry. 

We always collect flowers and leaves whilst out so that we can use them to decorate pictures with. Thomas said that the yellow flowers stood out most to him.

I can't wait to see what everyone else has done in their entries. The fact that we get to show how our children interpret the world is a great experience and I have seen some fantastic photos taken by Thomas and can't wait to get out with him and get snapping again. 


  1. What a fab competition! And beautiful photos, too!


  2. Pam Francis Gregory8 October 2013 at 15:07

    Some great photos!

  3. such lovely photos and a great competition to enter lots of luck to Thomas