28 October 2013

How the Rest of the World Sleeps!

I have always struggled with sleeping and have tried many things to try to help with the problem. My husband on the other hand, can sleep for England. Once his head hits the pillow he is asleep. Our kids have followed us too and Thomas is a bad sleeper like me whereas Charlie will sleep through everything.

Looking at how the rest of the world differs to us in the way they sleep, Carpetright have created this fun infographic which explains it all. Such as, did you know that Americans tend have slightly bigger beds than us. This can come from the fact that they do like to have their pets sleeping with them. I can relate to this actually as we usually end up with a child in our bed so need the extra space too.

In Mexico, people tend to have a siesta during the day. I do quite like the idea of this, having a little power nap during the day. I love the fact that shops and places even shut so that people have the chance to have a sleep too. Although, I think my kids would have some other ideas of what we would be doing rather than sleeping.

How the Rest of the World Sleeps - An infographic by the team at Carpetright Beds

On the other hand from having time off for sleep, the Japanese are praised for 'sleeping on the job' as this shows how hard they have been working. I bet a lot of workers' fake it' so not only do they get a little nap but get applause for doing so. They've got it so good!

And did you know that when astronauts sleep, they have to be tied to walls so they don't float away. I can just imagine 'Bob, I'm tired... Come and strap me up!'

It's good to see how others around the world treat sleep and their need for it. We seem to be a country where we have just the one sleep and sleep for the least amount of time too.

Oh, I think I need to move to Japan, getting praise for sleeping is something I could do well!


  1. I suffer from insomnia and wake most mornings at 3.30am/4am (you will notice I post on your blog between 4.30 and 5am!) I have tried everything from relaxing baths, warm milky drinks, no tv, sleeping tablets, relaxation tapes....nothing works. I get frustrated but to be honest, I don't know what it is like to sleep through or lie in so I cannot miss what I haven't experienced. Apparently my mum said I was the worst sleeper when I was a baby and child - so I it must be in my genes!

    It is earlier today - I got up at 1am!

  2. Pam Francis Gregory30 October 2013 at 11:42

    Lots of interesting facts there.

  3. Annie Costa @LaaMoii3 November 2013 at 12:26

    Americans have wider beds...I WONDER WHY ROFL!

  4. I upsized from a double to a king this year and the difference was lovely maybe one day I'll make it to a queen.. The dog takes up so much room ;) lol x