15 October 2013

Honey Monster WOWs and Stix

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Living with 2 children, you can imagine how much cereal we get through. Not only do the boys love to eat cereal on a morning but sometimes like to munch on some for supper too. They love trying out new cereal which is great as now the Honey Monster in launching his own new range.

The loveable Honey Monster has launched his new Choco WOWs and Honey WOWs cereal. The milk chocolate and the honey coated multi-grain hoops, oats and crisped rice make for a filling breakfast and give the difference of textures to keep children interested. 

Each bowl of WOWs is packed full of vitamins, iron and fibre and no artificial ingredients which will give your children the energy and brain power they need to get through the busy school days. 

The Stix cereal bars come in two tasty flavours of Marshmallow and Vanilla Yoghurt or Honeycomb and Milk Chocolate. Stix cereal bars are made of crisp rice and Sugar Puffs again to give the different textures, like the cereal. 

Honey Monster, Wow Cereal, Stix Bars, Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog,

The cereal went down a treat with both boys and they enjoyed tucking into the hoops which were made extra filling by including crisped rice and oats. 
Just getting to slurp down the chocolatey or honey flavoured milk afterwards was enough to make the boys happy and sine they also love the Honey Monster, this made it easy to ease the boys into try a new cereal. 

With the cereal bars, I was a little worried as to whether Thomas would even try them. He is quite fussy with these types of things and I assumed that he would go straight for the chocolate ons but actually it was quite the opposite. 
He loved the Marshmallow and Vanilla Yoghurt ones and the pack of 7 bars went down quite quick. 

I love the fact that these are a nice sweet bar that appeals to children but also it had the goodness of crisped rice and Sugar Puffs to fill little'ones tummies. Thomas has actually decided that he would like these in his packed lunch as his snack for break time and it has been so nice to see Thomas actually eating something different for a change. 

The Honey Monster is on tour at the moment and is visiting Tesco Extras up and down the country. Pop over to the Honey Monster Website to see if he is coming to a store near you!


  1. Pam Francis Gregory16 October 2013 at 09:04

    Good way to get kids to vary their diets.

  2. Love the honey monster, so many memories of being a child and hearing 'HONEY MONSTER' on the TV :)

  3. Absolutely love the marshmallow and vanilla

  4. Great review - I think my little ones would like to try these!

  5. My girls would love these, but I do think that Honey Monster Teddy looks a little scary lol