1 October 2013

Halloween Special Buys at Aldi

Buying outfits for Halloween can be annoying. It's either having to drag the children around town and trying them on or ordering from the internet and hoping they are the right size. Now I know that Aldi are selling them as part of their Special Buys this month though, I am happy as now I can get costumes whilst I shop.

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Not only do they do a nice range of outfits for children at only £3.99 per costume, but they also sell adult costumes for £7.99 and accessories too from tinsel and bunting to pumpkin carving sets and party-ware. 

We were sent three costumes, a pumpkin for Charlie, a vampire for Thomas and a skeleton for me (yes, I had to dress up too!) which are all so cute and easy to put on and some tinsel and glow sticks too which will come in handy for lighting our way on the dark Halloween night.
The pumpkin outfit and the skeleton outfit just slide over the head but the vampire costume has Velcro to fasten it together and to attach the cape to it too. 

Seriously, these photos do not do justice to how cute the boys look in these costumes!

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging, The pumpkin costume is so soft and Charlie has a habit of holding the eyes and walking around with it lifted up. The vampire costume is soft and shiny and because it has Velcro fastenings and an elasticated waist, it is comfortable for Thomas to wear and easy to put on too. 

The costumes are bold, bright and very detailed and are sure to help our child stand out this Halloween. 

It really is worth checking out an Aldi near you if you need to sort out Halloween costumes for this year. The prices are so reasonable so you'd better get there quick before they run out!


  1. My Great-Niece is 3 in November and will go out for her first Trick or Treating with mummy. I think I'll get her the Pumpkin outfit. It's lovely

  2. Love these costumes, have wrote my review up too today have a look :)

  3. I need to get som new costumes for my kids for halloween these look great and very reasonable so I will have to get down to aldi

  4. Cute and Aldi prices are great!!! I wouldnt want to spend a huge amount on a Halloween outfit as the kids may only wear them once or twice and then they have out grown them by the following Halloween!

  5. I am hoping to get that pumpkin outfit for my daughter - too cute!

  6. Pam Francis Gregory3 October 2013 at 14:42

    That Dracula suit is very good!

  7. Ahhh that skeleton dress is cool! :D
    I was in Aldi the other day and there was a purple witch suit that was really nice but sadly it wasn't in my size.

    I actually have no words for how cute that pumpkin suit is & Thomas really suits the Dracula lol :D