13 October 2013

Halloween Glow in the Dark Bat Bag from Your Design

I remember when I was younger and just used to take a carrier bag trick or treating with me to put all of my sweets and goodies in to. Nowadays though, there is so much choice. Do you want a tub, a bag, or how about something personalised for you.

You need something that is lightweight and easy for a child to carry but also something appealing and sticking to the Halloween, spooky theme. Something durable but something that you child will love. 

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We were lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous bat bag from Your Design to review which is perfect for the upcoming fun-fest. This bag is a bit of everything. It has a spooktastic bat embellished on the front of it and comes in a spooky black colour which makes the bat stand out more. 

The bag can be personalised with your childs name to make it even more special but not stopping there, the writing and bat are glow in the dark so will stand out whilst out trick or treating on that dark October night.
It has long handles so that it can be carried on the shoulder for extra comfort and the fact that it's made from fabric means that it is soft to carry and has a good grip.

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog
Writing in daylight                          Writing glowing in the dark

The bag itself is quite big and will fit loads of goodies inside whilst also being very durable and able to carry a lot with being bent out of shape or fraying at all. 
Thomas cannot wait to get out trick or treating as this will be his first year out and the fact that he gets his own personalised bag makes it all the more special. 

At only £6 for this spooktacular bag, you can't go wrong as it will last your child for years and will creep out their friends at the same time. 


  1. I think the glow in the idea for the bag is excellent ! when children run from door to door especialy in high residential areas motorists coming in and out of driveways etc would be able to see the children better. as many would be in black. I think costumes could be glow in the dark too!!

  2. these bags are fantastic what a great idea glow in the dark bags they can put their goodies in.reasinably priced too must get some

  3. These are nice and they will last.

  4. very colourful and safety wise with the glow up in the dark bags very handy for trick and treating at night where the light isn,tt very good

  5. Pam Francis Gregory15 October 2013 at 10:47

    Very useful in the dark!

  6. Now that is cool! Things that glow in the dark always seem extra cool as well :D x