25 October 2013

Halloween Feature 2013!

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

Yeah, that's right, it's that time of year again. The time where we dress up as scary creatures, eat loads of sweets and try to scare each other as much as possible. 

Is it wrong that I am more excited than the boys? 

I just can't wait to get them dressed up and go trick or treating as this will be their first year. We were supposed to go out last year but Charlie was ill so this will be the first time they get to experience it and I cannot wait. 

So, without further ado. Here is our Halloween Feature for 2013. A round up of our favourite Halloween items and what we recommend. 

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

Costumes and Clothing
The one main thing you need when celebrating Halloween is some great costumes. Childrens costumes are sold all over but we were lucky to receive 2 lovely ones and you can see our review of them over on our Halloween Special Buys at Aldi post.

These 2 gorgeous costumes are only £3.99 each and come in a range of sizes and styles. We got a vampire costume for Thomas and a pumpkin costume for Charlie and they both fit perfectly. The costumes are bold, bright and very detailed and are sure to help our boys stand out and look extra spooky this Halloween.

Wearing tights can keep little legs warm in this freezing weather and so we did a Slugs & Snails Tights review showing off the Halloween range of boys tights. Thomas got a pair of Spooked tights which will keep him cosy under his vampire costume and Charlie is going to be wearing his Ivor Spider tights with his pumpkin costume which match perfectly. 

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

After the costume comes the accessories that you may need to make your costume stand out. We received this lovely Halloween Glow in the Dark Bat Bag from Your Design which can be personalised with your childs name. Not only is it a good size and will easily fit all those trick or treat sweets but it glows in the dark too.

With Thomas dressing up as a vampire, we went looking for little extras for his costume and whilst in Asda came across 2 beauties that are perfect. Fist of all, a pair of vampire teeth that were only 10p and secondly a blood bag, that looks a little like a drip, which not only suits his vampire style but has an elastic strap so he can wear it and the blood is edible too. Not bad for just £1.

For older girls and women that don't really want to go all hog and dress up can look spooktacular in these Skull Nail Wraps from Lazy Nails which come in at £6.99 and are super easy to apply. They come with everything you will need to apply them and you can even change the colours to make your own unique style.

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

Sweets and Food Stuffs
There seems to be an abundance of food stuff come out at Halloween time and it is not hard to pick up an eerie sweet whilst out shopping. We cam across yummy gingerbread vampires, mini chocolate orange cupcakes and scrummy shortbread bats which have choccie chips in them.

You can even create your own Moshi Monster cake pops. The mix comes with everything you will need and is so easy that even the boys helped me to make them. They do look super scary too!

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire BlogFor the trick or treaters, you can get these yummy Halloween Treats from Swizzels Matlow which come individually wrapped in the bag and have a huge variety of sweets inside. Just make sure that you don't eat them all before Halloween arrives!

Games and Books
Something to keep children amused during the day, waiting for the trick or treating time to arrive, is a must and the Halloween Books from Top That Publishing are perfect for keeping children entertained.

Spooky Adventure follows the story of Max and Molly on their adventures including dot-to-dot puzzles and 3D pictures. You have to complete each dot-to-dot before you are able to find what is missing in the story and continue.

Monster Mansion follows the story of a monster family who are trying to organise a party but get spooked when a human girl turns up and cause havoc. It includes fun games, puzzles and a recipes for Spooky Bat Biscuits. It even has a pull out playscene at the back and has over 50 reusable stickers so children can make the scene as scary as they want to.

For the Adults
If you are able to plan some time away from the children and want to have a fright of your own then pop over to BuyAGift who do a Ghost Hunting For Two day out, just click here to see the experience. You can have a tour around one of Britain’s most haunted locations and take part in a whole host of spooky activities including a seance.

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog


I may go a bit overboard on Halloween but that is because I love it so much (or that I am a big child at heart) but I just love to decorate the house up and make it extra eerie. We picked up all of these items for only a £1 each from Asda. One big wooden sign and 2 foam signs for the windows and a cute flashing pumpkin will make our house look scary. All we need to get now is the pumpkins and get carving.

What ever you choose to do on Halloween. Stay in and have a spooky party, go out trick or treating or go away on a ghost hunting adventure, make sure you stay safe and as always, have a good time!


  1. I used to hate halloween but now I love it - especially the decor x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. WOW Thanks - some really great Halloween ideas for the big night! I think I am as excited as the kids now! Such a shame it doesn't last longer!

  3. Like the fangs and the bat shortbread.

  4. Pam Francis Gregory26 October 2013 at 11:40

    Some fantastic ideas - Thanks

  5. We have lots of spooky fun planned on the farm for Thursday. Hoping for a fun and safe time for all our guests. think it will be next week's Country Kids post!

  6. Catherine McAlinden27 October 2013 at 07:08

    I love the glow in the dark bag!