6 October 2013

Back to School with Boots Review

Last week I wrote about the Back to School Wall Chart which Boots have made with advice from Boots own Health Experts and parents from the blogging community. Click across to see our Back to School with Boots post. 

Pop over to the Boots UK blog to have a look at the wall chart for yourself, you can see if there are any tips that will help you and your family.

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Boots were nice enough to send us some of the products which are featured on the Wall Chart and I am writing now to tell you what we thought of them. We received a bundle of products that will all help with those aches and pains after a long day of playing. 

A Boots Essential First Aid Kit which includes everything a parent might need for their child. Plasters, bandages, wipes, a vile of water and lots more including a few little cards with explanations of what to do in certain emergencies. 

Antiseptic Wipes and Hand Foam which will both come in handy for cleaning the children and getting rid of any germs and bacteria. The wipes come in a resealable pack and fit easily into my bag so I can clean wounds and grazes whilst out and about. The foam is great for cleaning mine and the boys hands whilst out in public, cleaning off any germs, especially after sneezing and using public toilets, and the foam is easy to rub in too.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog,

The Boots Hot/Cold Compress is something that I usually wouldn't buy. You can either put it in the freezer and place it on your head when you are getting a headache to help sooth it, or heat it in hot water and put it on aches, such as bad backs. It can help for conditions such as rheumatism and arthritic pain too. 

Blister Plasters are a must when a child is starting school. New shoes usually rub and cause blisters and so these plasters can help to vastly heal blisters and they are flexible like a normal plaster and protect from dirt and bacteria whilst healing the blister. 

We always have vitamins for the boys to help build their immune systems up. They had Chicken Pox over the school holidays and I think the vitamins helped to get rid of the virus quite quickly. We were sent Chewable Vitamin D which is an essential nutrient needed by the body and helps support normal growth and development of bone in children.

All these items will definitely come in handy with my children and I know that they are all staple items that every parent should have in their cupboards at all times, not just school time. It is great that Boots have highlighted the need of all these items. 


  1. loads of handy items think I need to update my cupboard

  2. Some great items to have - I would also include a nit comb and shampoo in any back to school kit! Touch wood mine have been nit free for a few years but I am always on the look out! Great review though - thanks!!!

  3. Great essentials, I used to carry around with me germolene, plasters & tissues when my eldest started school as he was forever falling over his own feet.

    Thanks for reviewing & sharing your thoughts

  4. I keep meaning to get A first aid kit

  5. Pam Francis Gregory8 October 2013 at 15:10

    Good range of items! very useful.