5 September 2013

Wednesday Words - Strength

Sorry I am a bit late this week with Wednesday Words but with Thomas starting full-time school, everything else has gone to the back of my mind...

Sometimes we look at life and wonder why it has got so bad. Why everyone else seems to have it easy yet you seem to get all the bad luck, the horrible things in life and just no good breaks.

But maybe this happens because you are strong enough to handle it. 

'You were given your life for a reason.                                                             
And you were given it because you're strong enough to handle it.'

Crazy With Twins


  1. Great saying

  2. There were/are times in my life when i feel the same, everyone else seems to be having an easy ride but when you get to know people more and especially people you have known over a period of years you realise their life is no better.

  3. Fab quote...a burden will never fall up us that we can bare....we are amazingly strong we just don't know have it in us xxx

  4. Thanks - I can relate. I often think - why me? I am one of four kids and why do I always get the bad luck? It gets me down :(

  5. Lovely words, but could do with some Monday words today to get me motivated as I really dont want to get out of bed and go to work.