15 September 2013

Project 365 Week 37

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This has been Thomas' first full week at school so we have been a little quieter. The fact that he is now at school till 3pm means that he gets tired a lot and so we don't do as much as normal.

We had a play at the park and I love this photo of Thomas on the climbing frame. We also had a walk through some woods and the boys loved hiding behind the trees and running around.

Every now and then I just need to get a photo of Charlie eating, it is his favourite thing to do, eat! He loves food and is forever munching on something. 

It was Charlie's birthday the week before this and so as to not make Thomas feel left out, my sister bough him some paints so he had something to open too. He enjoyed painting with them and trying to learn how to go between the lines.

The next photo is of Charlie and his version of telling us to shush. It is quite funny to see and he usually ends up with a finger up the nose and hissing at us.

We popped along to a small park which has a few animals there. Thomas and Charlie enjoyed seeing the small animals close up and this rabbit wasn't even bothered that they were so close.

Last up is Thomas playing with some skittles. Both boys enjoy playing with them although when Charlie throws the ball it ends up going backwards rather than to the skittles but it doesn't matter.

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  1. yes once they start school your time is restricted as to what you can do with them. Time you get them back at 3 in the winter it is about dark. Up here the kids do 2 weeks part time before they go all day, never understood why most of them have been at nursery so they are use to it.
    Love the one on the climbing frame, and had to laugh at the finger up the nose.

  2. That's a great photo on the climbing frame. Looks like they've still been enjoying the after school time

  3. A lovely round up of all the fun you've had this week with some happy photos of the boys having a great time! Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  4. looks a lovely week! 1 at school does throw spanner in the works a bit..

  5. back to school for a week and both my kids have picked up a bug

  6. those woods look like a lot of fun for two energetic boys . My son started school today and straight in with full days so it will be intersting to see how tired he gets as the week goes on x

  7. I bet you will notice the trees in the woods starting to lose their leaves - ours are in the woods close to us - the leaves are changing too! Autumn is defo here!

  8. I'm getting real 'Woods' envy now looking at all these posts!

  9. Great shot of him climbing through the tunnel.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.