8 September 2013

Project 365 Week 35/36

Sorry about not been around much recently. With Thomas starting school and a dodgy internet, I have only been able to get online at limited times as so am doing 2 weeks worth of Project 365 today.

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We thought, that for the last week of the holidays, we would try to get out as much as possible and so have been out to feed the ducks at the local reservoir which the boys love doing. It is so nice to get to see some beautiful birds up close. We also spent a lot of time in the park having free family fun.

Blowing balloons up is a hard job when you are 4 year old. Mummy to the rescue though to get the balloons blown up, only for Charlie to bust them all (kids will be kids!)

Charlie loves drawing with the Aquadoodle set that we received to review a while back. It's so nice for me too as the pen only holds water so never marks anything, get drawing son!

The next photo is Thomas eating his 'tummy sweets' as he calls them. They are in fact Peppa Pig vitamins which has everyday to help keep his immune system in top working order. 

Every time we go shopping Thomas and Charlie just have to have a go on one of the machines. This time though, Charlie was having a sulk and so Thomas had a go on his own. 50p... 50 flipping pence! I remember when these were 20p a go. I am getting so stingey as I get older.

Today, I thought I would give the boys a little independence and let them play in the street. Of course I was sat at the gate so I could watch everything they were doing but they loved being out of the garden an being able to stretch their legs and run and cycle around. 

Since the Leeds Beach is closing today, we thought we would pop in to let the boys have a fun day. I think having these 'beaches' in busy cities is a great idea for parents who cannot afford to take their children away. There was a beach with sand and buckets and spades to dig with. There was water to play in and loads of rides and stalls. It really was a fun day out and the boys loved playing on the huge slides, rides and Thomas on the Helter Skelter too. 

The gardens at Pudsey Park are really lovely and the animal area is great for seeing small animals close up. It is a shame though that they seem to let older children ruin the place and smash up all the children's playground and we didn't end up staying long since there was a lot of swearing and fighting going on between the children. Don't think we'll be going back there any time soon!

I have never been to Leeds Museum before so today was a surprise for us all. Downstairs it has loads of stuffed animals from little reptiles to huge mammals which was a fun experience for the boys to get up close and personal with these huge animals. Upstairs, it had an Egyptian area with a real mummy and sarcophagus which is an unusual thing to look at as yes, it is intriguing but at the end of the day, it is a very old, dead person (not that I told the boys that!).

Charlie turned 2 years old today. That's it, it's official, I am getting old! We spent the day out spending all of Charlie's birthday money, he got some awesome toys from his money and then came home to have some yummy dinosaur cake!

Oh how emotional! Thursday marked the start of the school year for Thomas and his first ever day at full-time school. He absolutely loved being at school and wearing his unifrom but did admit that he had a little weep because he missed us.

 Rainy day today so Thomas used his umbrella to walk to school and keep dry. 

The boys love playing with daddy and so having a sofa fight is a usual occurrence in our house. Both, Thomas and Charlie climb onto the top of the sofa and dive off onto Simon who then tickles them until they run away.

So much fun the past 2 weeks...

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  1. Looks like you had two full weeks of family fun.

  2. So much lovely fun both in and outdoors, I love the photo of Thomas looking so smart in his school uniform and sofa fights with Dad! Thanks for linking up and sharing all your lovely fun with Country Kids.

  3. happy 2nd birthday to Charlie i hope he enjoyed his birthday. i am emotional about B starting school next week, so (hugs) to you.
    sounds and looks like a fun 2 weeks x x

  4. Just reading the bit about a beach in Leeds, what a brilliant idea have never heard of this due to living in Cornwall and lucky enough to have access to loads of beautiful beaches.