27 September 2013

Our NHS?

There is always wide spread coverage about the NHS in the news these days. It seems that not a day passes that there isn't another scandal, pay-out or cut backs to the NHS. But isn't it supposed to be for us? How come there are so many cut backs when the NHS is still much needed in our country. 

How come there are so many cut backs yet one of the temporary directors at Leeds NHS Trust was earning approximately £1,300 per day! when this could have been used for more, much needed equipment. How can the trust afford to pay so much money out then they are cutting back on equipment and other staff which are actually in demand. 

A survey conducted by First4Lawyers that looked into medical negligence stats showed that 73% think it is wrong to cut funding to the NHS and 65% of people surveyed think that the NHS waste money on things that are not needed. Things like £1,300 a day for a director I bet! 

Did you know in fact, the NHS have allocated £22billion to medical negligence lawsuits this year alone. Almost half of the people surveyed, 45% in fact, said that they would seek justice if mistreated by the NHS. Maybe if the staff weren't overworked, they would not have as many accidents and lawsuits wouldn't happen.

Is it just me that is baffled about how the government can keep cutting the things we need the most, like the NHS, yet still people are getting paid over the odds in their employment and money is being wasted on lawsuits when it actually should be the opposite. 

We should be employing more doctors and nurses so that the current ones aren't overworked and therefore not making as many mistakes and actually having a better bedside manner. 

Maybe if they focused on what the NHS needs rather than the money involved, we would have a great National Health Trust!

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  1. It's scandalous. Any time my Mum or I have been in hospital, we can see the staff are rushed off their feet, and we've been lucky as in every ward we've been in, the staff have been brilliant. When my Dad passed away 5 years ago, the Sister of his ward even came to his funeral

  2. Good points but I am still so thankful we have it! I have family over in America and they are envious of our NHS!

  3. the allocation is shocking! I am thankful for the NHS though. I have suffered 6 lung collapses and had 2 surgeries to date. I think if there was more staff there would be less errors. I much admire those that work for the NHS I could never do what they do

  4. I agree there is definitely a need for more staff and money for the NHS. I really wonder about the priorities of the government but unfortunately other areas win votes and so they'll always concentrate money on that.

  5. i definately think its shocking!

  6. I thinks it's disgusting that someone could be earning £1,300 a day and the nurses earn alot less, the hospitals could really do with that money!

  7. I agree with Julie Baxter...that it's really shocking!