12 September 2013

Neighbourly Love

The one thing I love about living on our street is that it is full of quiet people. About 80% of our residents are elderly and so we don't have horrible dance music blaring out at all hours. 

I love this though, they are all pleasant and we are on good terms with all of our local residents. The fact that I have lived on this street since I was born means that everyone knows me and I know that we can protect each other in a sense. We always check on our neighbours to make sure they are okay and will even pop to the shops for them if they are stuck in doors. I think being nice is the best way to a happy relationship with neighbours.

This infographic from Swinton shows where the best places to live are which have neighbourly spirit:

Find out the regional winners in the Swinton Insurance Good Neighbours Championships

I am so glad to see that Yorkshire is a joint winner as I do love our County. I think that it is full of nice people who are always happy to help and socialise with each other.

Good on the people from the North who seem to be the most neighbourly.

Then it seems that Wrexham has totally beat off any competition as far as the most neighbourly City goes. They are listed in the top 3 of every option. It seems that if you want to have a nice area to live in, then we should all move to Wrexham! 

What makes our street even more special for us though is that my parents live only 3 doors away from us and they own our house so we know that we are always safe and have them looking over our house when we go away and vice versa and because we have lived on this street for over 25 years, the neighbours are happy to protect and check on each other.

I am a stay at home mum and so am usually found at home looking after the boys. For this reason, I take in any parcels that get delivered to neighbours whilst they are out and they do the same for us if we are out. Regularly this happens from the house at the end of our street as they work long hours and last month the lovely woman brought me a bouquet of flowers round to say thank you. How nice of her to do that. She didn't even need to though as I am happy to help.

It is so nice to live somewhere that you feel safe and I am happy to say that I live in Yorkshire where our neighbours get on with each other.

Having a nice community can make living in your area the best thing ever. 

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  1. I too live in Yorkshire & find all my neighbours to be lovely however all of them are elderdy bar me!

  2. Annie Costa @LaaMoii13 September 2013 at 20:59

    I think it's important to have a good relationship with my neighbors which is why I'm a part of my local Neighborhood Watch.We all look out for each other!

  3. I also live in Yorkshire and it is very quiet in the area of York which I live in. A lot of elderly people live here too but are very friendly.

  4. Im in Leeds and don't know any of my neighbours, the area has many different cultures which seems to be one of the main reasons people do not interact. Quite sad really

  5. Where I live, we have fantastic neighbours and we all look out for each other