27 September 2013

Mission To Lose Weight

Since having children my body has changed so much. I'm not much bothered about my stretch marks but am bothered about the way my body now looks. When I had Thomas my figure still wasn't bad, well apart from stretch marks, but after Charlie my body looks horrible. 

I am a very self-conscious person so wont be showing off my stomach any time soon but I still feel ugly when wearing clothes as now my stomach and legs just look big and horrible and my stomach is very saggy which makes me feel even worse. I have the dreaded 'muffin top'!

My lifestyle needs to change!

I have decided that as soon as Charlie gets a place a nursery, I am going to join the gym. It's not bad as we have one close to us so it's easy to get to (no making excuses when there is a bus strike or traffic!). 

So now, I have the task of buying clothing to wear to the gym.

I got some great running shoes from Millet Sports which are a must. They need to be practical and fit for purpose and flexibility is greatly needed whilst out and about running. Shoes also need to be comfortable as you want to be able to run without being in pain and also durable because exercise can become very vigorous and they need to be able  to handle the pace. . 

Clothing that are suitable for exercising which are tight fitting to help hold everything in and keep everything streamline. The clothing also needs to be thin and light so I don't get overwhelmed by the heat from them. You can actually buy specially made clothing made specifically for running and I'll definitely be looking into these. 

Clothing needs to be well fitted and Millet Sports do a range of sports bras, something that every woman who exercises should be wearing. They support your boobs and help to hold them down. Well, the last thing you want is to be coming out of the gym with black eyes from your boobs not being correctly supported! They are designed to maximise performance and are made with fabric that dry quickly and eliminates rubbing leaving you feeling comfortable.

Overall, I think I am ready to get into the gym and can't wait to start to feel fitter and healthier and hopefully, in time, my figure will shrink down a little and the 'muffin tops' will disappear. 

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  1. Keeping it up is the hardest thing. I couple of months ago I started jogging. I have promised myself I will jog at least once a week which doesn’t sound much but I have decided to set a realistic goal that i can easily achieve and build it up from there. So far it’s going really well and sometimes I run twice a week. I definitely recommend not setting your personal targets too high. Good luck with your mission!

  2. sticking at something is hard but with motivation and determination you can stick at it! I try and do Zumba on the wii 2/3 times a week to help aid my weightloss and love it! I have so much more energy too.
    Good luck :)

  3. I would recommend excersising for sure but also its about what you eat that can significantly contribute to weight loss. Believe me it works i have tried it. You can watch a short video on it here and you will know what im talking about : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SD2_L3-tNI

  4. Good luck getting fit and healthy. I post a weight loss linky on my blog each week for other bloggers to link up, at the moment we're all on a mission to lose a stone by Christmas, you're welcome to join in. http://7hippopotamus.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/bloggerschristmas-slimmingclub.html

  5. Wishing you all the best in losing weight. I know how hard it can be as I am overweight myself and struggle with diets etc xxx

  6. Good luck with the weight loss x

  7. Good luck, remember that you need to be kind to yourself. We are all very unforgiving with ourselves. We'd never speak to other people the way we speak to ourselves! x