10 September 2013

Bus Ride Horror

I'm sure everyone sees those little signs on buses that explain to stay seated until the bus stops. Well today we found out why that is so important. 

We were on our way To Asda when the bus had to brake quite swiftly causing us all to jolt quickly and an elderly woman, who had got up from her seat to disembark, flying forward hitting her head off of the front of the bus and falling very heavily to the floor. 

It seemed to all happen in slow motion and as soon as it happened, everyone, around 6 of us, went to make sure she was okay.

She wasn't.

She couldn't get up. 

She was in pain. 

Complaining of no feelings in her legs and pain in her right hip. 

The bus driver phoned an ambulance whilst we all tried to keep her chatting.

20 minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive, only to say that the people had said that she was on the park not on a bus (don't ask why because I'm as confused as you!).

They managed to get her seated in a wheelchair and off onto the ambulance saying that it looked like her hip had gone. 

It was such an horrific thing to see and go through and both the elderly woman and bus driver were shaken up as you'd imagine.

The bus driver was really professional though. Ringing the ambulance straight away, making sure the woman was comfortable whilst it arrived, talking to us all to make sure we were all okay and then even driving us to our destinations afterwards even though I bet she was all shaken up herself. None of it was her fault as a car had pulled out causing her to have to brake quickly but I bet she still felt guilty as I know I would.

So make sure that when you are travelling by bus, to follow the rules and stay seated otherwise you might be the one to get hurt next time!


  1. That is so scary! Hope the elderly women heals quickly!

  2. My Mum did not recover from hip surgery, she had a stroke a couple of days later. finger x'd for this lady to do better.

  3. yu just never know the minute do you! hope the lady made a full recovery xoxox

  4. i hope the old lady makes a full recovery z

  5. How horrible I hope the lady is ok. I have had to stand up on a bus a few times when busy on one occasion the bus breaked and I ended up loosing my balance and slammed into the pole. I was left with a lump on my head but was pretty shaken up after.

  6. Oh dear! It is always awful to witness an accident!

  7. Oh bus drivers are a nightmare they have no respect for the elderly or disabled like myself, don't give you any time to seat down from paying before they pull off & tut rudely at you if you are looking for cash! Thankfully I now have a carer who drives me. Its not nice that there was an incident but at least she took care of everyone.

  8. Gosh, how horrible for everyone. I hope the elderly lady makes a full recovery.

  9. I hope the elderly lady makes a full recovery

  10. Really! What a terrible thing!

  11. My daughter rang me the other day and told me a similar story. She alone, looked after the lady and administered first aid until the ambulance got there. People just don't realise how dangerous a bus can be.