16 August 2013

Walking On Water

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Recently, with the boys having chicken pox, I have been writing posts about what we have been up to and how we have entertained the children without having to go too close to other people so as to not spread the virus. 
This week, I remembered about something that was close to home, right under our noses, yet we had never thought of it before. Walking along the canal. 

We live literally 5 minutes away from the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and it is such a lovely place to go to. I know the boys would love it and so off we toddled. 

Even though I am scared of water, I find that it is very calming (as long as I'm not in it!) and peaceful. Thomas took his net and loved trying to hunt for fishes although we didn't manage to catch any in the end, it was still a lovely day.

We got to watch the narrow-boats floating past us and even get to see the locks being used. They are so fascinating to watch. How well these huge gates have been made and the wisdom from the person who invented them, who would have thought of something like that? 

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, From seeing the beautiful ambience from the water I have decided that I want to go on some sort of cruise/boat holiday some time in the future. To be out on the open sea, relaxing and enjoying the calming affects of the sea but maybe on a big boat which wont give me the creeps. 

I have had a nosey about online, looking for the best destinations to go to whilst sailing around the ocean and have come to the conclusion that I would love to go on a Norwegian Fjords cruise to see the beautiful mountains and valleys in Norway. 

To get to feel the cool breeze whilst watching the world go by. The beautiful scenery and the relaxing sea air will make for a superb holiday away.

I think being on a cruise-liner rather than a smaller boat would probably help with my fears and I think it would have some truly amazing sights on the trip.

What do you think? Would a cruise along somewhere as beautiful as this, help distract away from my fears of the water?

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  1. Greta to have that canal so close to you - looks like a fab day! My in-laws go on cruise after cruise as they love them so much, and they say it doesn't feel like they're on the sea, so it may be OK for you?

  2. I love going for walks along the canal. I once went on a holiday with my husbands family for a week on a canal boat and that was loads of fun! Hard work though too :)

  3. the picture looks beautiful, im sure the scenery would help

  4. Something very relaxing about water in any form. the canal is full of interest for a walk. As for the fjords, they look beautiful. Hope you make it happen!

  5. Lovely photos!! I love canals - we have holidayed on canal boats on the Norfolk Broads, Suffolk Broads and the Caledonian Canal - and loved each one. The views were fantastic and the water always seemed calm. I am not so keen on travelling by ferry over the sea though. I think it is because the sea is so vast and deep whereas the canals are closer to land!

  6. I love going for walks along the river Ouse in York where I live. There is nothing more relaxing. I usually take my two lovely dogs with me.

  7. What a lovely photo, we live very near a river and the kids love nothing more than paddling and fishing, free but great fun!

  8. Beautiful picture, i live by the river and in the summer months i take the kids on walks there.

  9. Beautiful picture, i live by the river and in the summer months i take the kids on walks there.

  10. Annie Costa @LaaMoii1 September 2013 at 09:13

    As someone who's not afraid of water,I can't really say if a cruise would help or not,but it does look like a lovely idea!