24 August 2013

Project 365 Week 34

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Our week has consisted of lots of park play and fun filled days. 

We went to a few different parks to keep the boys occupied which is great for them but as it's free, it's great for us too. 
Having a walk around the war memorial up at Armley Park after picking wild flowers and playing on the climbing frames. Another day, sitting and watching the world go by up at the Wrecky Park and then even more park play when we went to our local park with friends and, even though Charlie had a sulk and fell to sleep, Thomas loved playing with the girls on the park. 

When it got a bit windy, we decided to have an indoor picnic. Nothing too extravagant, just sandwiches, carrot sticks, crackers and Twiglets, but the boys enjoyed it. 

I started getting Graze boxes a few week ago now. I get a kids box for the boys and then a nibble one for myself. They are lovely and have some nice flavours in them. You can join Graze here and get your first box for free. This week mine had a little bag of popcorn in it but since Thomas loves popcorn, he pinched them out of my box.

Not often do I have photos of myself taken and so, for a change, I thought I'd show you the person who is behind the blog, behind all this babbling... me!

Thomas does have his own little pram just for his doll but usually you will find Charlie running around the garden with it, so I decided to get Charlie's old pram out for Thomas to play with. He loved pushing it around the garden with his Doll, named George, in it.

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  1. I like indoor picnic idea... great for months to come

  2. the boys look very relaxed having their picnic - we have lots of indoor picnics usually involving lots of cuddly toys too of course! nice to see you -your boys look a lot like you x x

  3. looks like lots of family time, which is what we love x

  4. Looks like a relaxed outdoor week that suited you all. The park is a great way to spend some relaxed family time. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. I love sitting on the grass and watching the world go by, lovely Summery pictures this week.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Lovely to see the face behind the blog! I enjoy indoor picnics too - less flies lol!

  7. Indoor picnics are great! I like Graze boxes too, especially when they send flapjack ;)

  8. I used to get graze boxes they are just the right size for nibbly times, and its great them do kid friendly boxes now as well.