10 August 2013

Project 365 Week 31/32

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I'm behind again, nothing new there though. I always seem behind at the moment!
We start off our week with a lovely photo of the boys having a tender moment. Charlie has been looking after Thomas whilst he has been getting over Chicken Pox and keeping cuddling him.

To keep the boys cool, we bought some water bombs and they have fun throwing them around the garden or at each other or at me even.

Charlie seems to be getting quite independent now so when I had to pop out, I decided not to take the pram and let him toddle with me instead. He loved being out of the pram and getting to sit on the big bus seats on his own. 

I always think photos of children sleeping are so sweet (and peaceful, don't forget peaceful haha) so thought I'd show a tender moment of Charlie getting some zzz's with Thomas' big teddy. 

We need fresh air and so decided to go down to the reservoir to feed the ducks. It's always quiet down there s we knew that it would be okay to go to whilst Chicken Pox was around. The birds were extra hungry and we fed them a whole loaf of bread. 

Another rare sight. Me on a night out! On the left is my friend, Krystal and on the right is my sister, Kelly. I am, of course, in the centre. I didn't even have a choice about going out. Simon basically told me that I was going and to get myself ready. He knows that even mummies need a break every now and then.

Today we had a chilling day and baked a cake instead of going anywhere. Thomas loves helping me in the kitchen and got stuck into mixing the cake ingredients and the cream to go inside. It was so yummy too.

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog

The next week started off with outdoor play and looking cute in mummies sunglasses. 

Followed by Charlie helping us do the cooking and hoovering. He loves to help and is forever nicking off with the vacuum. 

The boys deserve a nice treat from the ice cream van every now and then and they both get to choose their own. Of course, little tubs Charlie, wanted an ice cream but Thomas always goes for a slushie.

To try and keep the boys occupied, we had a bbq today (you can read about it here). It was nice to have a fun day but not have to go anywhere. Also, we used disposable plates and tins so no washing up either... result!

I can't believe it! Our story that we wrote (story Dreaming Of Captain Redbeard) has now been made into part of a children's bedtime story book. I am so proud that we have a keepsake like this to keep forever. 

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  1. I hope you had a fab girls night out! The cake looks delicious and well done on having your story published - that's fantastic. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. you look gorgeous on your well deserved night out and i hope Thomas is now better. i like to use paper plates if we have lots of people over to save on washing up lol. your boys are so sweet and always look so happy x

  3. I've honed in on the food, the cake and patio table food looks ace!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.