19 August 2013

Learning The Green Cross Code

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Thomas officially is no longer my little boy. He is growing up more and more each day, he is now more independent and wants to do things for himself. Cue learning the Green Cross Code.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm never going to let him go out on his own, crossing roads and going places, but I think it's about time that he knows how to cross a road safely whilst he's still young. Instil the way of the roads into his head now so that when it does get to the point where he can go out on his own (not any time soon!), he will know how to safely manoeuvre across without risk to himself. 

I've started packing a full bag before going out now, full of everything we need in case anything happens whilst we are out and about, crossing the roads. Things that I had never even thought about before but now, think they are staple items to keep in my bag. 
A small First Aid Kit as you never know when those nasty kerbs will jump out and trip you up. 
Secondly, I now take a notepad and pen. This way, if any accidents did occur whilst we are out and about, I can easily write down license plate numbers, any information I would need in the future or, whilst speaking to the emergency services, I could write down any advice following a traffic accident that I may need for future reference. 
Finally, my mobile phone. Well this one is a bit of a cop out as I never leave the house without my phone anyway. It is good however, in case any incidents occur. Having it close to hand means that I can ring my husband or, if worst comes to worst, the emergency services if anything untoward was to happen. 

Venturing out with Thomas I try to instil the 'Stop, Look & Listen' words into his head so that he always knows to follow these rules before crossing the road. 

Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog, Stop - Making sure that Thomas stops before setting off across the road. Stop before the kerb so he can see the drivers and they can see him.
Look -Make sure he can see both left and right clearly and that there are no bends in the road whereby a car could quickly appear from.
Listen - Sometimes looking just isn't enough. Always listen out to see if you can hear anything coming nearby. 

When your in a rush and there seems to be enough room on the road to get across without having to walk all the way to the traffic lights might sounds like a good idea at that moment, but what about when your child is on there own and also thinks that it is the right thing to do. Always cross at the traffic lights. How will your child learn if you are doing the complete opposite? The best thing about using traffic lights is teaching children about the red and green men. Thomas knows that stop at the edge of the road, press the button and wait for the green man before crossing but then, even then when all the traffic is stopping, he still needs to look left and right to make sure that it is safe. 

Thomas now knows to always look left and right before crossing but sometimes does try to step out before fully checking so I make sure that I'm always there, holding his hand to pull him back before anything serious could happen. 

As a parent, I am responsible for teaching my children the ways of the road. 

What do you do to teach your children? Do you have any tips?

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  1. Good, common sense advice here!

    Laura Harris

  2. talk, talk and than talk some more... it works

  3. This is a good idea my son is 6 and I want him to learn this too, he won't be going anywhere on his own for a long time but I think it's a good idea to get them to understand now! I also think it should be taught at school

  4. road safety its such a worry, some good advice there

  5. Annie Costa @LaaMoii31 August 2013 at 10:12

    Good advice here,thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea and advice. I grew up with Tufty :)) I think it was one of the best campaigns done for children and helped them to remember. Pity they don't do it now or something similar with one of their favourite tv characters.

  7. These tips are really useful - I have printed off to share with my brother and sister!