9 August 2013

Chicken Pox Saga

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As you all know, we have been grounded with a bout of Chicken Pox which has left us stuck in the house whilst they go.

Now though, not only does Thomas have them, but Charlie has come out in them too. I know what you're thinking 'oh, at least there out of the way whilst they're young' yes, well that is good and all but it means that we cannot do anything.

These whole holidays have been a waste for the boys so far and everything we had planned went down the drain.

We've got at least another week of spot hell to go through yet till they clear up and then will be free to go out again so I thought that until then, I will post our hints and tips for things to do to keep the kids occupied whilst also keeping them away from others and spreading it.

These are all going to be either free or fairly cheap to do and mean that you will be able to keep your children playing even though they cannot be out and about.

Note: I know that once the spots are out, chicken pox are no longer contagious, but we chose to stay away from people just because they would stare and give dirty looks as though we were doing something wrong by going near them and this wasn't fair on our children.

Life in a Break Down


  1. I hope your boys are both up and running in no time

  2. I hope this spell is over with soon for your family. Chicken Pox is NO FUN at all. I still remember what it was like to have them as a kid myself!! My heart goes out to you!!

  3. Ahh bless - what bad luck during the hols - hope it clears up fast!

  4. We have yet to experience chicken pox in the household, you're coping well! Hope they clear up soon

  5. Oh dear, at least when the spots are out they will be on the mend soon

  6. aww hope they clear up very soon. My oldest was ill with chicken pox when I had her baby sister. It was really upsetting because she wasn't allowed in the hospital to visit

  7. Chicken pox is horrible for kids and worse for Mum when there is more than one kiddy to get them! One of mine has been unfortunate enough to get it three times - yes three. And I thought you could only get it once!!