10 August 2013

Chicken Pox Saga - BBQ

As per our original post about the Chick Pox Saga (you can read it here), I will be writing a few posts about things to do with children whilst keeping them away from too many people so we don't pass it on. 

Today I am talking about BBQ's.

Now I know what you are thinking, that means people will be there. But no, we asked round a couple of friends (they had already had Chicken Pox in the past and so were safe) and had a nice relaxing BBQ. Or that's what I hoped for any way.

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Sausages, pork and chicken were all cooking on the BBQ when all of a sudden, I felt an immense heat on my right foot. In that split second I was thinking 'oh my gosh, a piece of charcoal has fallen out and is burning my foot', I look down and no, no charcoal was there, just a wasp. Yes, a wasp had decided to dive bomb for me and had stung my big toe.

The split second then passed and the pain set it. Oh hell, it hurts.

I have never been stung before so never knew how it felt but wow! It hurts so much that I felt like crying. I was hopping round like mad and screeching.

Quickly putting some ice on it, I then took to Facebook to have a whinge. One of my lovely friends let me know that putting a used tea bag (when it's cooled down of course) helps to reduce the sting and so I gave it a go. It did help but the stingy feeling was still there.

After all the wasp excitement was gone, we went back to our BBQ. It really was a nice day.

We got to spend time with family and the boys were both having fun and kept occupied by everyone.

One day down, quite a few more to go!

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  1. Ohh wasp stings are horrible I have been stung twice in my life and that is enough to have me screaming and running when I see one!
    Glad you had a nice time despite the wasp :) x

  2. Poor you I'm sure that was very painful! BBQ with friends that won't be infected is a great idea for when they are struck by Chicken Pox, looking forward to the next post - thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Ow ow I always dread being stung, I've been lucky so far. It sounds a bit painful! Hope it's all ok now though. Your BBq sounds yummy!

  4. Hate wasps :( The worst pain I had was when I stepped on a bee! Ow!

  5. it is hard when children are infectious mine got so moody and wanted their Friends over but i didnt want others to catch it
    for me chicken pox were a nightmare my son managed to catch it three times but he was lucky his sisters were around to play with him and they only caught it once :)

  6. Two out of my three sons have had Chicken Pox now. I am actually hoping my youngest son catches it now so it can be all done and dusted with. It would be typical that he would get it when we are booked to go on holiday or something!!

    Bryan Clark.