21 August 2013


When looking around Facebook, I always find random companies and 'like' them for no reason at all. Most of the time, they will have a competition running and so I will pop over and enter it and then never give them a second thought, unless I win that is! Today was that day...

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I received an email from a lovely lady from Casabu saying I was a winner from their competition and had won a Micro Scooter! Now if you don't know what a Micro Scooter is (no, it's not a tiny scooter!), it's only the most sought after scooter and I won a Limited Edition one, as shown in the picture. 

Shocked is an understatement! Thomas loves his Micro Scooter and now we have one in the next size up for when he gets a little older. 

All this from entering a simple competition from their Facebook page. 

After this, I started digging a little bit into who they were, what they did etc. 

Casabu is a website that runs daily sales of stylish clothing, toys, nursery equipment, maternity gear and treats for mums. Not only do they sell products from the most sought after brands but also from new children's brands from around the UK and Europe. 

Items can be discounted from at least 40% off the retail price and sometimes up to 90% off!

To get these exclusive discounts you just need to sign up to their website www.casabu.com which is free to do and every morning at 8am, a new sale goes live. You can sign up using your Facebook account too so it makes it even easier!

In a way, I am gutted that I haven't signed up before now because they have some gorgeous things on their website. Stunning maternity wear which is practical ans stylish. Cute toys and dinnerware for children perfect for their busy imaginations and everything else in between too. 

A one stop shop for everything needed for mummies and children and I will definitely be buying from here and making sure I check out the deals the have running. 

Not only that but if you click through to their Facebook page, you have the chance to win one of 5 x £20 vouchers to spend on their website, good eh?


  1. Annie Costa @LaaMoii22 August 2013 at 06:37

    Congrats for winning the scooter!I'm sure your son will love it when he becomes a bit older enough to ride it!

  2. yay well done! looks lovely! least your son will be able to grow in to it :)

  3. Wow!! Well done!! That looks fab x

  4. Yeah! Congrats for winning the Scooter and thanks for sharing the site - off to have a lookie!...

  5. Now I do the same sort of thing. A few months ago a Kindle Fire HD turned up out of the blue but I still don't know who sent it to me! Not complaining though. :o)

  6. Pam Francis Gregory2 September 2013 at 19:32

    Wow, well done!

  7. Congratulations and this looks great for the kids.