29 August 2013

Alphablocks Volume 3: Letter Teams

Thomas is now getting to the age where he is learning about phonics and trying to learn how letters combine together to make words. 
It is hard to try and teach a child different words sometimes as there are so many letters than can sounds different and when combined together can make a totally different sound. We do go through the alphabet in lower-case letters and then try to teach him using a lot of slow motion kind of learning.
We would usually say things like c-aaa-t for cat so he understands that there are letters in between which make the word up.

Alphablocks is a DVD which teaches all about this but is fun whilst learning. 

The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who fall out of the sky and discover that if they hold hands and make a word, it comes to life. 
Words are magic and anything is possible. It's an adventure with songs and games all the way.

When your child is happy with letters and simply words, it's time to meet the letters team: two letters that make one sound. 
Take phonics skills to the next level and boost reading confidence while having lots and lots of fun.

The programme is very engaging and both children enjoyed every minute of it even if Charlie was just laughing along to it, Thomas was actually copying the things it was saying and seemed to be understanding what it was trying to say.

There is a lot of music, singing and interesting ways of presenting the words as a whole which makes the experience very fun-filled for both Thomas and Charlie.

I think that it is great to learn phonics at a young age as it helps boost their reading skills and so whilst Thomas is learning this now, Charlie is also watching it and taking things in at the same time.

Be warned though, the songs are so catchy. I have many times walked round the supermarket, happily singing 'We can laugh ha ha, we can singing la la la la, we can make, anything'...

Learn to Read with Alphablocks!

You can check out more information about the whole set of the Alphablocks volumes at www.abbeyhomemedia.com


  1. sounds fun a great way for them to learn :)

  2. Annie Costa @LaaMoii1 September 2013 at 09:17

    Brilliantly fun way to learn!Thanks for sharing x

  3. I ordered this from Amazon for my youngest daughter and it has been a great aid to her learning!

  4. Thanks for sharing, my son loves alphablocks.

  5. This is a great DVD. I won a copy for my daughter and she loves it!

  6. We are big fans o Alphblocks in our house!