10 July 2013

Wednesday Words - Bounty Mutiny

I didn't actually have a post for this week but with stuff that I have seen recently, I thought I'd write this one.

Opinions, thoughts, judgements. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinions, their own thoughts and make their own judgements. No one is alike for everything.

This week I have seen people moaning and arguing over the Bounty mutiny. Something, to be honest, I couldn't care less about.

In hospital, when I had Thomas, I remember the Bounty lady coming round. I turned down having a photo taken. Not because they were crap or because she was rude but because I'm tight-fisted (it must be the Yorkshire in me!). Why pay for someone else to take a photo when I can do it myself for free?
That being said, she was never rude to me, we simply had a chat and then off she toddled.

When I had Charlie it was different. The injection which makes the placenta come away made me sick. If I held Charlie I felt ill and so was bed ridden. At this point in time, I could have done with someone coming round for a chat but no, no one.
I never saw a bounty lady. We got the bounty packs from a nurse which I felt a bit gutted about as I was feeling low and a little natter would ave perked me up a bit.

I never had a problem with the bounty ladies coming round and had never heard complaints about them before, until now that is.

I don't really get the bounty mutiny and to be honest, I am really not that bothered. Why are so many people arguing over something so trivial, something that most people don't even think about. OK, you had a bad experience with one Bounty lady, so we better shut the whole thing down. Sack everyone because one person was rude. Is that right?

I don't really care to be honest. Shut it down, keep it running, I really couldn't give two hoots. You see I believe that we shouldn't dwell on the past, get over it. Live for today, with your children. Are you really upset that a Bounty lady was rude to you? Do you really take offence that easily?

This shouldn't even be a debate (and on my blog it's not) but remember that there are people jobs, their livelihoods at stake.

Me? I loved the freebies. That's all I have to say!

Wednesday Words


  1. Some people are just silly and have nothing better to do... and this is really sad

  2. I don't get the 'bounty mutiny' either!! With my eldest I had a lovely chat with the lady who came to see me....She was fab, no pressure to buy anything!! With my youngest I bought the photos but there was no pressure and again a lovely lady...

    You're right you can't sack everyone because one person was rude....I had an issue with my health visitor does that mean all health visitors should be sacked....They're just doing a job...

    Rant over...lol

  3. I never had a "Bounty Lady" visit me would have been nice....As i remember having to ask for my Bounty pack :-(

  4. i never met "one" but the packs were amazing!

  5. I must be the only one to disagree..... my bounty lady wasn't rude but it did feel very intrusive after a very difficult birth, especially as my son was in the neo natal unit. I felt it would have been better if I had been prepared for it and could choose yes or no in my birth plan. My bounty packs were rubbish as well, a tiny tube of nappy cream and a whole bundle of leaflets most of which I had already been given by my midwife. I wouldn't make a big deal about it and I had forgotten about it until this storm kicked off... I do think mums should have the right to be asked before the birth.

  6. I had a Bounty Lady visit me too and she was lovely!