21 July 2013

Project 365 Week 29

I love this weeks pictures because they show a lot of brotherly love between Thomas and Charlie and a lot of play time too. They are always together getting up to mischief and having fun which is great to see.

On a few days we have been to the park to pass a bit of time and get out in this lovely weather. 

School holidays start next week and so I cannot wait to be able to get out more and do other things since Thomas wont be at nursery. 

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. So great seeing them getting a long together. Loving all the sunshine and getting outside #countrykids

  2. I love the first photo, such joy!

  3. The pictures of full of brotherly love and fun together, here's to more sunshine and time spent outdoors. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  4. awwww i do love seeing photos of your happy boys who just seem to get along so wonderfully together. they have been enjoying the beautiful weather a lot like mine have by the looks of things x

  5. Jane Middleton21 July 2013 at 22:39

    Lovely pictures, it's always great to see happy kids.

  6. looks like boys are enjoying the weather!