13 July 2013

Project 365 Week 28

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We've had a mixed week this week. The weather has been lovely so we've been outside a lot having fun in the sun. First of all we got crafty, painting some little signs to out into our plant pots. We have some sunflowers and pansy's growing at the moment and can't wait for them to bloom. 

Round at my parents house, this was the rare occasion where I could get a photo with their dog, Sam. Sam is, in fact, camera shy and will walk away if he sees one. Luckily, he always sits next to Thomas (he's been very protective of him since he was born) and so as soon as he turned to face me, I managed to get this photo of them all. 

No matter where we go, Thomas love to go on the rides. This one was a Ben and Holly one and Thomas loved riding it. 

Waiting for the bus to go swimming, the heat was immense and so Thomas went to relax under the shade of a tree. He loves going swimming and so we try to go quite a lot. 

One of the rare occasions when Thomas sleeps during the day. I noticed that he was quite hot and coughing and so let him sleep for a bit and he seemed quite poorly on waking up.

Straight away we knew something was wrong. Thomas was up a lot of the night screaming about his mouth and throat hurting. Assuming he had tonsillitis, I made him an appointment for the GP. There we were told that he had something called Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease which gives painful ulcers in the mouth and throat and can cause rashes and blisters on the hands and feet. With it being a virus, there is nothing a GP can do apart from prescribe paracetamol and plenty of rest. 
We have been alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen and already, it seems to be not as painful for him. 

Since Thomas is a bit more upbeat today, we got the pool out. It is way too warm to be stuck in the house so we played in the garden. My brother and his friends came round and they all enjoyed playing in the pool and trying to throw each other in, including drenching me meaning I ended up having to change clothes 3 times by the end of the day.
I don't care though, it's only water and did cool me down, It's so much fun to just be able to act like children for a bit.

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  1. I hope Thomas recovers very soon as it's sounds very painful for him. Who said the kids should have all the fun - I love joining in with their water games. Thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. Hope Thomas is starting to feel better

  3. Apart from the illness it looks like a fun week - hope Thomas is feeling much better now :)

  4. I love having a splash around with the kids but they don't seem to get the concept of 'that's enough now'!

  5. oh no poor Thomas that must have been so sore. i hope he is on the mend now. and look at those grown men playing in the paddling pool lol boys will be boys x

  6. my little man is layed up at the mp, calpol is a god send! I always know when my eldest is ill because he sleeps in the day too!
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  7. I love the photo of the men running through the pool! Hand, foot and mouth is horrid, The Boy has had it twice and it is really painful so keep giving the calpol.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365