7 July 2013

My Top 5 Wishlist

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We never seem to have spare money at the moment. Every time we get paid, it all goes on bills and food, as soon as we do get some spare money, the kids need new clothes and so they always come first. It's so hard to find money for us, for Simon and me, just to spend on what we please.

I thought that for a change, I'd write a list of things I would like to do some time in the future. Then I can look back to see if I actually managed to get any done. 

1. Go on holiday.
We haven't had a proper holiday for 3 years. Charlie, in fact, has never been away. I want this to change and make sure we get a break at least once a year so the boys and us, don't have to stare at the same four walls all the time. 
It doesn't even need to be abroad (although that would be a plus!), just somewhere we can have a break, spend time together and have fun. It that too much to ask?

2. Go to the theatre
I have never been to the theatre before yet have always wanted to. One day I would love for us to just get dressed up in our glad-rags, have a babysitter to look after the children and me and Simon get out for a bit to watch something that can stretch our minds (there's only so much Peppa Pig a mum can take!).
My ideal performance would be Die Fledermaus at the English National Opera. It is what I would call a  comic performance that is light-hearted and based on revenge. 
Hopefully I will get to see this as some point soon.

3. Get a new car
If you have been following our blog then you will know that not long ago we had to sell our car as the mounting costs meant that we just couldn't afford it any more. 
This is a bit gutting for me as I love driving and miss it so much. 
I would love to have enough money to one day be able to save enough money to get a new car and actually be able to get out places without having to wait for the bus. 

4. Buy a whole new wardrobe
I'm sick of my clothes. I'm more of a scummy-mummy rather than a yummy-mummy but want that to change.
It would be great if I could have the chance to just throw everything out and start from scratch. Get a whole new wardrobe of clothes, with shoes to match of course.

5. Visit a zoo.
We don't have any zoos close to us. Everything is just so far away so days out to places like that are few and far between. I know both boys would love to see all the varieties of animals that are in zoos and I would also love to as well. 
Getting to see the cute monkeys and the big scary lions would be a fantastic day out for all the family 

Now I've told you my top 5, it's your turn. What are your top 5 things you would like to get done?


  1. Hope you manage to achieve your 5!
    It can be really difficult without a car- especially with little ones.

  2. We would love a nice holidays too ;-)

  3. 1. Holiday
    2. new clothes
    3. move to a bigger place
    4. home items such as hoover, camera and laptop
    5. Have a day out

  4. 1. Have a holiday (this is in the planning stages for 2015) Its just took 4 years of saving really hard!!
    2. A newer bigger car - so we can buy a tent and go camping - try and have a few cheap holidays!!
    3. A new PC, ours is on its last legs - the monitor went a couple of weeks ago and had to grab a second hand bargain from ebay!!
    4. A day out chosen by daddy each month! - We started this last summer but were really poor at keeping it going with our extensive saving(see number 1) and a few things getting in the way but I would love to start this up again - we went to some great museums and parks that we had never been to before!
    5. A new wardrobe, I have recently lost quite a bit of weight (just under 4st, with 2 st left to reach my target!) I have not bought any new clothes yet but as Im a bit of a hoarder, I pulled some old suitcases from the loft with old clothes a few sizes smaller to get me through...with the help of a belt im getting there - just really need to start putting some money away for when I reach my goal!!

  5. Good luck achieving your wishlist. Can really relate to some of your sacrifices in this economic climate. All the best for achieving at least some of your goals and making life that little bit better.

    Laura H

  6. My wish list is:

    1. New car... mine is slowky falling to pieces
    2. get a new job ready for maternity leave finishing
    3. have a nice summer holiday
    4. Some new clothes. Recently had baby number two and have been wearing black leggings for 12 weeks now. Im getting hot and bored!
    5. Win the lottery.. i can dream!

  7. I try to not make a wishlist as I never seem to be able to fufil them :(

    I can help you with your number one though!

    Every year for the last 3 years we've booked with the suns £9.50 holidays! The kids love it, I love it and it's a lovely little break away for cheap! If you can get the right places and dates, you're looking at a wonderful holiday for cheap.

    We went to Pontins in Brean Sands last October half term. I took my three kids (Baby B wasn't born at the time), my mum and my niece. So for 6 of us it cost £57 - we had the passes and service charge for free so paid no more. As I said, it was half term too so there was plenty going on! And the weather was decent for late October so that was a bonus too!

    After you've been on one Sun holiday, they'll send you a code out the following year. This means you can book earlier and quicker than others so you're almost guaranteed to get where and when you want!

    Best of luck hun :)

  8. 1) Go on a nice holiday somewhere , i dont mind where, i would just like to relax!

    2) Get a new bed... mine is so uncomfortable!

    3) Take up jogging, need to get fit!

    4) New job!

    5) Read more

  9. Hope you manage all five. I need a whole new wardrobe of clothes but in my case its because I've gone up a size and am having trouble losing the weight.

  10. I hope you manage them too, my 5 would be:
    A holiday (too)
    A spa day for me and my Mum
    A dining room table
    A massage chair (my back is in agony carrying baby ALL the time!)
    Time to read

  11. I hope you manage them :).We haven't been on holiday in years too,but we do live not far from a Zoo so we love going there,and going to the theatre is my favourite thing in world,so we go there loads

  12. Isle of Wight because we all love it there

  13. I hope you get them. My wishlist is pretty similar.