17 July 2013

Life After Surgery

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I'm writing this post for my mother-in-law, Annie. A fortnight ago she went into hospital to have major heart surgery which has left her incredibly ill. A nine hour operation and 3 days in ICU was hard for her and since she lives alone, now she has come out of hospital is even harder. 

You see, she was in the Leeds General Infirmary, one of the leading heart specialist hospitals and they took great care of her. Visiting times were most of the day so we were all in and out to make sure she wasn't alone and the food is of a high standard (It must have been to pass my mother-in-laws standards). So I guess coming out and realising that she would have to get on with everything on her own kind of knocked her for six. 

Simon goes up to see her at least once a day but since we have the boys, I don't feel it's appropriate to take them at the moment until she is up to seeing more people. Some of her family (wont mention any names) feel it's all right to not even bother going to see her and will just ring instead. 

At the moment Annie is finding moving around hard. She is breathless and in pain a lot of the time and so finds it hard to always get to her phone on time when it is ringing. Simon and I have been trying to make everything as easy as possible for her and so have been looking at these cordless phones from Gigaset which means that she can always have it by her side to answer when people ring without having to try and rush about finding it. 

We have also been trying to keep her cupboards and fridge stocked up so she doesn't have to go out too much. As always, the nurses advised that Annie should eat healthily now her heart operation is over so we have made sure to take up lots of fruits and salad. I actually wrote about bananas a while back and how they are not only good for you but are also great for multiple different reasons. They boost your blood sugar levels giving you more energy and can combat depression and the high blood pressure which she also suffers with and so for these reasons, I've been making sure that she always has a pack on bananas in her house to snack on. 

I know the surgeon said that she will start to feel better after a few weeks but I think it is all about comfort for now and so will try to do our best to make sure that Annie is happy as can be in this situation.

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  1. sending good recovery thoughts for Annie

  2. Hope she recovers very quickly x

  3. Sounds like a tough time, I hope she fights hard to recover for you all.

  4. Lovely that you're doing everything you can to help and make Annie feel comfortable.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about Annie. I hope she makes a speedy and full recovery. xx

  6. Sending best wishes Annies way. It's not nice when your family members are poorly! x