20 July 2013

Deli 24 Snacks

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Being healthy is always on the top of my mind when we are buying snacks for the boys. I hate to think that they are eating processed rubbish that is no good for them. Everything we eat, I try to make from scratch but have been wanting to find healthy snacks for a while now. That's when I saw that Deli 24 were putting a shout out on Twitter looking for people to give them a try. Deli 24 make tasty snacks whereby cooked meat is wrapped around real cheese for a yummy healthy snack time. 

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging,
Deli 24 snacks:
Contain unprocessed real cheese
Are full of calcium
Use meat with no added water
Are low in sugar 
Are low in salt
Have no artificial colours or flavourings 
Have a high protein content

Deli 24 snacks are thin, long and the perfect size for a little one to chomp on. Charlie loved them and could easily devour one in no time at all. Thomas on the other hand was a bit more stepped back. He is a really fussy eater and so it did take him a while to give them a try. I thought he would be put off by the cheese as he isn't really a lover of cheese but this was not the case and after a while a he was munching down the snacks. Thomas loves the pepperoni ones the most and would always be raiding the fridge to find them.

I found that they are are ideal for lunchboxes which is great for us to know since Thomas starts full time school in September and so far, we don't know if he will be having packed lunches. They are individually wrapped and come in singular packs as well as packs of three. 

With the school holidays coming up imminently and the fact that we have planned so many days out, I can imagine these being a staple element of our picnics as they are healthy and also take up little space in our pack ups. 

Not only are they great for snacks but they can also be cut up and put into meals as is shown with all the recipes on the Deli 24 website. We are loving the look of the pepperoni pizza. Make your own, homemade pizza and then for the topping, cut up some of the pepperoni Deli 24 snacks and scatter around and then bake for a scrumptious homemade pizza. I can't wait to give this recipe a try!

For more information please visit Deli 24's website.

Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog, Mummy Blogging,

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  1. not seen these before, interesting!

  2. I love the look of these. A great finger food and a change from a boring sandwich.

  3. yum these look ideal for picnics