30 July 2013

Breathe In The Summer Air

These summer holidays seem to have come so quickly and since now we are already a week in, it got me thinking, what can we do to pass the time?

I know we'll try to fill the days with park visits and swimming a lot (once the Chicken Pox have cleared up) but we also need to plan long days out and would even like a last minute break away.

First of all, we have planned a day away at Scarborough. I love it at Scarborough and regularly used to go as a child and I want Thomas and Charlie to look back and remember the British seaside too. To have a go in the amusements, play on the 2p machines and eat candy-floss and doughnuts till they come out of their ears. Taking loads of photos along the way that we can cherish and look back on in the future when the boys are older (or even embarrass them in front of their girlfriends).

Most of all though, I would love to take the boys away for a few days. Somewhere in the countryside though where we can leave everything behind and just have a nice time, spending it together and enjoying each others company. It's not often we get to just sit down and relax without the television or laptop on, or somewhere we can go on family bike rides or walks to see the cows in the fields. Anything to get out and get into the countryside and to breathe in the fresh summer air. 

I wouldn't have a clue though where to go, I've never really had breaks away in the countryside before and wouldn't have a clue where places actually are. Could you identify where places are just by their pictures? Check out this infographic by Cumbrian-Cottages.co.uk to see if you could:..
If, like me, you didn't have a clue where any of the places are, then I think that's a sign that we all need to get out and about in the countryside more. 

The British countryside has some of the best views, yet I have only ever been to the Yorkshire Dales once, when I went with school and we swam in a freezing cold stream. But it didn't matter that we were all freezing, it was invigorating and just a lovely day out in the open fields. 

Hopefully, we will be able to find a last minute deal and get a short break away in the countryside somewhere but if not, we'll try to spend as much time as a family as possible. As long as we are together, that's all that matters.

Are you going on a break in these summer holidays?

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  1. As a Yorkshire Girl I really love Scarborough, eating Fish & Chips whilst trying to hide them from the Seagulls, which are not scared of anything!
    Looking in the underground Vault shops, playing on the 2p Machines and winning Key rings and having a ride on a speedboat, happy days!


  2. Ohh I knew Alnwick castle on that infographic that's all...Only because it's a few miles from me...hehehe We're actually off there in a couple of weeks :)
    No breaks away for us...Just days out!

  3. We definitely don't appreciate even whats on our own doorstep! If you run out of ideas over the summer, check out our list of things to do in beautiful Yorkshire http://bit.ly/1dQqR5J

  4. I love living near the countryside but I would love to go somewhere with a beach at some point