30 July 2013

Alessandro Nail Polishes

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I am a big lover of nail polishes and before having kids, would wear different colours all the time. I went through different phases too. Bright colours in summer and even the emo black look too (rock on dude!). But then it changed when I had children. You see I could never fin one good enough to withstand all the business with my hands and after a day they would be chipped and I basically got bored of having to redo them every day, so I stopped doing them.

When I had an email from halfpriceperfumes.co.uk though, that's when it all changed. They asked if I would like to give Alessandro nail polishes a try to see what I thought and so I did, and here we are.

'We love colours' is their motto and you can definitely tell this is true when you see the huge amount of choices they have to pick from. Alessandro have designed 99 top fashion colours meaning there is always a colour to suit every outfit.

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,

Alessandro boast a new patented formula for even more brilliance on nails. They state that it has:
  • Incredible long durability
  • Faster drying
  • No chipping                                    
  • Smooth & streak free application
  • High colour intensiveness due to UV absorber
  • Protects the nails
  • High gloss shine 
But, and it is a big but, would their polishes be able to stand up against a mummy of 2 little boys.

I wanted to try out all of the colours straight away as I am so impatient so decided on having multicoloured toes. The polishes were smooth to apply and seemed to go on quite easily. The colours are bold and stand-out-ish, perfect for the summertime.

Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,

I do agree that they are more durable than regular polishes and actually I was surprised that they lasted a few days before getting chipped even though I was playing and running around after the boys, I was expecting them to be ruined much sooner. 
Mummy Blogging, Yorkshire Blog, Parent Blog,

- I was sent this product/s to review but all thoughts and experience are my own honest opinions


  1. Great colours
    I don't wear polish that often but would love to use them on my toes more often.

  2. I love those colours the orange seems to really :) x