13 June 2013

What you should know about hiring a bouncy castle for your party

There are few play-things that cause as more excitement at a kids’ party than a bouncy castle. And let’s face it, watching children leaping about and howling with laughter can cause just as much enjoyment for the adults too. Here are a few key points worth remembering when you start planning the ultimate children’s’ party this summer.

Where it all began

Originally designed in the early 1960s by John Scurlock, as a result of an attempt to cover a tennis court, bouncy castles were first known as moonwalks – due to the way people were unable to stay on their feet for longer than a few seconds. Within ten years a whole new industry had sprung-up due to their popularity and bouncy castles were quickly becoming a common sight in back yards and parks across the world.

These days the party industry is a multi-million pound business, with no reputable outdoor event being seen without one form of inflatable or other and party goers are not just limited to castles. Anything from slides to giant animals are available – all in a huge range of sizes.

Do your homework

If you’re thinking of hiring a bouncy castle for your party you must do your homework first. Check-out a selection of suppliers in your area to see what they can offer you. Check online for location, price range and the different styles that are available. It’s usually best hiring locally as this often ensures better service, it’s also more convenient when it comes to picking up and collecting the castle as these things aren’t small - though most reputable companies will deliver and collect as part of the service.

Don’t be governed purely by price. A reputable company is always worth paying that little bit extra for, especially when your children’s safety is concerned. Talk to a couple of companies and go with the one that you feel comfortable with.

Check what you are getting for your money

Safety should be paramount at all times. Be sure to find out the safety policy of the company you are hiring from, this includes checking if they are fully insured and what extra insurance options they might be able to offer you. You’ll also need to find out what equipment is provided. Items such as pegs and play accessories usually come as standard but you may have a choice when it comes to the more important units – like what you use to keep the castle inflated for the day with 20 excited little party animals jumping on it for six hours.

Make sure the generator is up to the task

The generator will normally come as part of the package, but some companies will offer you the option to provide your own. Remember, diesel generators  are usually the best choice. If you are holding your party on council land, most authorities forbid the use of petrol powered equipment – not to mention the economic benefits of using diesel. If you are providing your own generator you’ll need to make sure the one that you choose is up to the job. Some bouncy castles can be as big as

35ft wide, so you’ll need to make sure that the machine you choose can provide enough power to keep the party going for the whole day.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Despite all the hard work and planning that goes into it, parties are about having fun. So make sure you get as much out of it as the children. Sit back relax and enjoy the jollity that is taking place in front of your eyes – failing that, let your hair down and see what all the fun is about for yourself!


  1. If we have had a bouncy castle in the past we ask if they provide a safety mat for entering & exiting the castle depending on what ages they are for. Another tip would be to have a bag of extra socks on hand as kids being kids usually run over the grass & their feet end up wet (judging by our weather) lol x

  2. this is great, I'm thinking of hiring one for my sons party, glad I read this it was very useful.