12 June 2013

Wednesday Words - Growing Up

Having kids is hard work and a huge learning curve. The one thing that I have learnt the most though is how to be childish. There are so many things I hate in life but the most prominent thing is when people don't play with children. They don't have time, They're too busy or whatever but don't you realise that just because you grow up, doesn't mean you have to grow old. Having fun isn't just for kids, it's for everyone. 

Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional. 
- Bob Monkhouse

You don't stop laughing because you grow old,                                    
                You grow old because you stop laughing
- Michael Pritchard

One day, you will wake up and realise that you have got old and have missed out on all sorts because you assumed that you had to grow up and be an adult. But you don't. Yes, you get older and have all these responsibilities but that doesn't mean you need to feel old. You are as old as you feel and so if you carry on as normal, acting as you want to, live life to the full, be happy and laugh, you will feel young.

Playing on a see-saw, or like my brother and his friends, playing in the swimming pool with Thomas, having a water fight, just have fun and smile, don't grow old and just fade away, go out smiling and having a good time.

Wednesday Words


  1. Amazing quotes and so very true....Never to old to have fun...love the pictures too x

  2. Lovely WednesdayWords. I like the second quote best. Sometimes people take the first one too far! Xx