8 June 2013

Project 365 Week 23

I love the fact that my boys love playing together. They are always flying around the room, riding things and playing with their toys and when I saw them playing together, I just had to capture a photograph and this one is perfect.

Having a go in my dads sports car. Don't mind if I do!

Thomas at school making fruit kebabs. Every now and then the his nursery organise events and play days where parents come in and help with making things, to get involved and to read our childrens folders, to see what happens whilst in nursery. 

My and my husband Simon posing with our sunnies on.

The boys just had to show off their new sun hats. The one thing that is important to buy in this sunny weather.

Climbing trees. Thomas loves climbing and is up nearly every tree we see.

My favourite tea. For when cooking is just too much hard work. A nice fish and mushy pea butty and a few chips, yummy!

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  1. i have never had fish and mushy pea butty before but as i dont like mushy oeas i dont think i ever will. but give me a fishfinger sandwich mmmm!!
    what a great tree climb - he looks in his element there. your boys always appear to play along very nicely together - i hope mine still will when they are older x

  2. love the tree climbing! last pic is making me hungry!!