7 June 2013

Babymoov Have Been Shortlisted!

Now, if you read our review of the Babymoov Baby Style changing bag, review here, and the subsequent competition we help with Babymoov to win one of their bags, you will know just how much we love them.

Their customer service alone is second to none and their products are top drawer. You can tell that every detail has been thought about and the extras been added to make using the products as easy as possible.

So when I tell you that 2 of their products, the Nutribaby and the Digital Green have been shortlisted for the Loved By Parents Awards you probably wont be surprised.

The Nutribaby is a 5 in 1 food processor. It blends, warms, steams, defrosts and sterilises whilst also preserving nutrients in the food, perfect for a growing baby and a busy mum. It's not just food though, the Nutribaby will easily fit in 3 bottles to either warm them or sterilise them. Not only that but it has the biggest capacity on the market, no other food processor is as big as this. The Nutribaby is 100% automatic and will do everything itself and will let you know minute by minute along the way too. 

The Digital Green is a baby monitor which is the first to have low emissions. With clear digital sound an a range of 800 metres, it is one of the best monitors on the market and can operate with 2 transmitters so is perfect if you have children in separate bedrooms. It has a night light function and a temperature indicator too.

The Digital Green has been shortlisted for the Best Baby Monitor Award and the Nutribaby has been shortlisted for 2 awards, the Baby Weaning Product and the Best Time Saving Product Awards. 

To see a list of all products shortlisted for the awards click here and to cast your vote and be counted pop over to the Loved By Parents website and cast your vote here. Babymoov have some gorgeous products and have easily got my vote, can they count on yours?

Remember, if you love a product, give it your vote so it can have a chance of winning. 


  1. Ahhhh these both sound fantastic, will look into them in more detail as these are things which I hadn't even thought about purchasing, thanks for the review :-) x

  2. these sound great i will look out for them. :)

  3. will make a great baby shower pressie when my sister in law has hers in the next few months