22 May 2013

Wednesday Words - Mother and Son

I cannot believe that tomorrow my son, my little boy, my first born, will be 4 year old. He has grown up so much, seems like only a few weeks ago, I brought him home from the hospital as a tiny newborn little bubba and now he is a gorgeous little boy whom I adore with my whole heart. 

Even though you make me mad, play up and fight me at every hurdle, that's what growing up is about, learning your boundaries and finding out your own individuality. 

You may be getting bigger and learning more every day, but to me, you'll always be my gorgeous little boy.

Wednesday Words

Wishing Emma from CrazyWithTwins well. We are all thinking of you.


  1. a really lovely quote, happy birthday to your little boy for tomorrow xx

  2. I love these words having two boys of my own. Happy Birthday to your little man x

  3. Happy Birthday to Thomas