29 May 2013

Wednesday - Crazy With Twins

I don't really have anything to write about this week. I cannot think of a good poem, quote or story at all. I'm just hoping that Emma who blogs over at CrazyWithTwins is OK and am wishing her well. 

We're all thinking of you and hope that even though, I know at the minute the time probably feels like it is standing still, but once you are past all of this, once you are clear, your children will be there, waiting to give their mummy the biggest cuddle and us, all us bloggers will b here to support you all the way.

Wednesday Words


  1. I like you picture at the top! Regardless of whether you have a nice poem to share or not, the sentiment is there and I'm sure it means a lot to Emma x

  2. Thankyou Michaela, that's very sweet. The pic made me giggle. :) xx