19 May 2013

Scared Of Fashion

I'm not one for being fashionable. In fact, some of the fashionable clothes nowadays intimidates me, how could I get away with wearing that? I think to myself, and then put it back on the shelf and walk away. 

The last designer things I wore were this gorgeous dress and shoes. I must admit, it did feel nice to wear them until I actually got to the venue and then I felt self-concious. As if a mum with frumpy bits, like me, shouldn't be wearing such an expensive outfit. I ended up leaving early, a tad upset (cue the violins).
I know that it makes me sound stupid to say that, but I just cannot stand people looking at me thinking 'eurgh, what's she wearing, she can't pull that off''.

I don't know why I feel like this. To be honest, I've never been a confident person. I'm always the quiet one. I prefer to listen rather than talk and like working alone to get things done. I think all these factors, and the fact that having children has changed my body so much, are the reasons that I am so self-concious now.

So instead of wearing high fashion garments, I stick to nice fashionable accessories instead. A gorgeous statement watch stands out so much and takes eyes away from me and my insecurities. 

That or a nice Ted Baker purse. I love the Vappu Floral Purse, the pink flowers stand out so much and make the purse look so pretty. I would love to get this out of my bag to pay for my shopping. How pretty is this?

With coin compartments, a zip pocket, card slots and even a photo slot too, it has everything I need in a purse and it means I can have a cute photo of my boys in it. I think I may need to save a bit though as at £99, it is gorgeous but at the moment, out of my price range.

At least this way, I'll be able to have a little bit of fashion but stick to my regular style.

Are you self-concious? Do you have a fashion phobia?

-This is a sponsored post although everything wrote about in this post is my own writing and experiences


  1. The picture of you is lovely :)
    I'm the same with fashion, I hate clothes shopping and would rather spend my money on beauty products!

  2. I've never really been a confident person so I tend to choose clothes that will let me hide in the background such as black's and greys

  3. im the most unfashionable person ever, there are clothes in my wardrobe that have been there for the last 10 years, i'm not girly and hate dressing up. Saying that i have recently bought my wedding dress and i suprised myself for going with the biggest and girliest thing in the shop.

  4. I love the dress, I wish I had the confidence to wear one:(
    I have started wearing brighter clothes instead of black all the time :D

  5. I have a degree in Fashion Design and I still struggle with clothing! I haven't managed to lose the weight since I had my son so I spend my money on nice accessories now rather than clothes, I hate trying things on!