19 May 2013

Project 365 Week 20

Day 132
Thomas having a fun time in the garden dancing to the radio. This was our last day of sun before the rain came.
Day 133
Always listening to music. It is so cute seeing Thomas on daddies phone listening through Beats headphones and trying to sing along.
Day 134
This is Charlie Bear. Thomas brought him home from school to look after for a few days. In fact, Charlie Monkey ended up looking after Thomas as he was ill at the end of the week.
Day 135
Another bike photo. Now I know loads of our #Project365 photos have been of Thomas on his bike but this is because he loves it so much. 
Day 136
Me and the hubster. Please don't laugh at my no make up, unwashed hair, shot. 
Day 137
As mentioned on day 134, both kids have been poorly. This is them getting cuddled by daddy.

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  1. aww that toy monkey is rather cute

  2. I hope the boys are on the mend now?! It's lovely to see a photo of you all and you look great with no make up! Well apart from the illness you still manage to have an active week, thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  3. What are you talking about? You look absolutely gorgeous! I have such dire skin that I look ruddy awful without make-up on.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. what fab shots, i love the one of you and hubby :-)

  5. hope the children are feeling better, love the cuddles with daddy. Hope you looked after the bear well.

  6. awww nice to see some pics of you and hubby - you look great without make up on that is my look most days!!
    i hope the boys are feeling better now x