11 May 2013

Project 365 Week 19

Day 125
Thomas loves baking and so today we made some yummy buns. We didn't have any icing sugar left and so instead used some Cadbury's chocolate, nice tasting but goes a bit too hard on the tops of buns and finished them with some mini eggs.
Day 126
Men! Yep, my husband, Simon, threw me into the swimming pool. Oh my, I was soaked and cold. Not nice at all.
Day 127
A bit of painting today. We bought these awesome little painting sets from Wilkinsons. This one is a face mask which you paint and only cost £1, not bad considering the mask, paint and brush came with it.
Day 128
Playing in the bath. Both Thomas and Charlie love getting a bath, more because they have so many bath toys, but it's great to see them playing together and having fun.
Day 129
Charlie having a quick suck on Thomas' lolly. this is a nice sight as they usually hate sharing.
Day 130
Thomas loves his Leapfrog Leapster GS and is forever playing on it. We bought him the Minnie's Bow-tique game which he loves and it's amazing how much he actually learns from playing these games.
Day 131
Having a great time at our local swimming pool. Thomas enjoys jumping in and splashing around on the frog floats.

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  1. Poor you getting soak fully dressed! I bet the boys found it funny. There seems to be a water theme running through your week, lets hope we can get the pools out again soon.

  2. wow your buns looked amazing!! x

  3. those little cakes look yummy! (I am laughing at Jaime's comments about your buns lol)and i love the photo of you fully dressed in the paddling pool! your sons appear to get along so well together - they remind me of my two x

  4. OMG the cakes look really tasty!
    Thomas' face when painting is very serious, he's concentrating hard lol

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  6. I always manage to get soaked filling up the paddling pool and I love the sneaky pic in the pool!!

  7. I want one of those cakes! They look beautiful.

  8. Had to laugh (sorry!) at you in the pool, I bet the boys found it funny didn't they. I would have gone mad at hubby for doing it!

  9. good to see kiddies enjoying water at a young age.

  10. You have Mini Eggs left? HOW?! Love the swimming pool photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365