4 May 2013

Project 365 Week 18

Our time has mostly been spent outside this week having as much fun on a low budget so have mainly been in the garden. Starting off the week, both boys loved dancing to the radio. It didn't matter which song it was we could think of a dance to fit with it.

Fireman Sam wasn't on television today so Thomas watched it on my laptop whilst waiting for dinner to cook. He is Fireman Sam obsessed!

We decided to give Charlie a try on the swing and so took off the big seat and fitted the baby seat to it. I thought he would be apprehensive as usually he gets scared at new things but nope, he loved it, giggling his little head off. After having a go on his own, a few days later he had fun whilst Thomas pushed him.

Our week wouldn't be complete without a photo of Charlie eating. I seriously am shocked that he's not the size of a house yet, he eats so much, even later in the week, chomping on an ice cream, my little tubby boy.

With the weather being so warm this week, we just had to get the pool out to cool the boys down. Thomas liked to have his slide in the edge of it so he can slide into the water and make a big splash, even trying to go down backwards too. They both enjoy being in the pool so much.

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  1. My boys would ave such paddling pool envy!! I bought them one last weekend but haven't used it yet! Your photos are so full of fun and laughter I love them! Looks like a wonderful week of being outside x

  2. Looks like my kind of fun. My grand daughter keeps begging for water but it's still to cool here in Ohio. Thanks for joining us at the Let's Get Social Sunday link party. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  3. Great pictures - loving seeing the paddling pool out - summer is coming!

  4. Wow looks like you have had a great week in the sun. Can't believe you had the paddling pool out!

  5. Lovely photos, lots of smiling happy faces :)

  6. What a fun week, looks like he enjoyed the swing

  7. gosh not been warm enough here for a pool either, we use to stick the slide in the pool when ours were wee as well. entertainment does not have t cost huge amounts with young children and nice to see the equipment in the garden getting full use.