9 May 2013

Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

Now, I don't normally do ranty posts but this week I can't help myself. I just need to shout it somewhere and get it all out.

I am so SICK of ignorant people.

Yes you, the person who doesn't say thank you when I move to the side to let you past.

You, the person who didn't even acknowledge that I just held the door open for you.

You, standing in the way and then giving me dirty looks when I politely say 'excuse me please'

You, the person who barged into my 3 year old son, knocking him to the ground and not even apologising.

You, the whole bus full of people who made me stand up at the front of the bus when I was 9 month pregnant.

Oh yes, and you!!!
The builder, contractor, plumber (whatever you call yourself) who came to fix our bathroom, yet left us with this in our bottom toilet after you hadn't checked for leakages and the damp made our wall crumble. I was really tempted to bring a claim against you for Professional Negligence when you said it wasn't your fault, laughed at me down the phone and then ignored my mails afterwards. You had a duty of care to carry out work to a good standard as the 'professional' you are supposed to be. But no, just ignorant you who cost me more money to get it rectified.

Do you not know you're doing it? Were you ever taught manners? Do you even care?

No, is probably the answer to all of them questions!

Ignorance is one personality trait that annoys me with a passion. I have always been taught manners, to say please, thank you and even sorry if I'm in the wrong but some people nowadays think it's all right to be so god damn rude and I hate it.

And breathe...

Do you have problems with ignorant people? Have you ever suffered at the hands of shoddy workmanship?

Life in a Break Down

-This is a sponsored post although everything wrote about in this post is my own writing and experiences


  1. Totally agree with all of this! What a mess they left you in, cowboys comes to mind!

  2. Manner is the one thing I have always insisted on with my children no matter what. I really do glow with pride when I am complimented on their manner by strangers. It costs nothing to have manners yet there are so many people nowadays that don't.

    It so annoys me when people are rude, really is no need or it.

  3. Totally agree. And can I also add, that person who bumps THEIR trolley into MY pram in Tesco & looks at ME as if I've spat in their face!

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  5. Glad you got your rant off your chest x

  6. Totally get this post! What a disgrace that he laughed.. I would've made a formal complaint! And yes... also to the person who pushes in line because Im sorting out my little one and the line moves forward before I've finished! Really?! RAGH.