14 May 2013

Having Our Own House

My dream one day is to own our own home. Although, at the moment, we can do what we like since our current house is owned by my parents, I would just like to have the security and know the fact that we have saved and worked for our home. 

We have spent a fortune on this house. New kitchen, bathroom, furniture, decorating, the list is endless. Thousands and thousands that we have invested into this home even though it is not ours. Although, as a side part, my parents have left us it in their will.

Our W.C. before and after

But I don't want to be just given things, I want to work for them and know that I have earned it. So instead I have decided that we will save and save and save until eventually we can afford to put down a deposit and buy the house from my parents. 

I don't really know much about property sales though so would need some help about how we would go about doing this but I know eventually, one day, this will happen. No more paying rent or having to ask my dad to fix things. Instead, everything our own way, just how we like.

But how do we do it? Where do we get the spare money to be able to put down a deposit on a mortgage? Everything just seems so hard to do nowadays.

Maybe one day we will have something to be proud of but for now we just have to live in the hope that it happens.

Do you own your own home?

-This is a sponsored post although everything wrote about in this post is my own writing and experiences


  1. We were very lucky to have bought our house when prices were at their lowest, our home has more than doubled in value... technically we couldn't afford to buy it now! I appreciate how very lucky we were because it is so hard to get it together to become a first time buyer especially in a recession when mortgages are much harder to come buy. We are not rich, we don't live in a mansion but I love our little home, it's full of love and I can enjoy the work we have put into it. You will get there.... you seem like a very determined person and one day you will feel so proud that you did it without help x

  2. I own my flat, well with a mortgage and it is hard hun, you are really lucky with what you have and it is yours even though your parents own it until they pass xx


  3. me and the hubby are renting but really want to own our own place one day I get what you mean about it being hard to save to do so these days

  4. I think it's pretty impossible these days unless family helps!

  5. Luckily my parents helped me to buy my own house - would never have been able to without their help!