16 May 2013

Confessions: We are Hoarders

Sorting the washing today I realised... we have way to many clothes. Not just me though, all of us. 
Don't they usually say that it's women who buy all sorts and fill cupboards with clothing they will never wear? But no, my husband and both children have outfits, shirts and some downright ugly things that will never be worn again.

Seriously, why has my husband, Simon, got 12 Liverpool tops in a drawer dating back to 2002? Some are even in sizes that wouldn't fit around his arm now never mind his chest. What he is actually going to do with them. Oh, and matching shorts, just wasting space in our house. Is he saving them till the boys get older and can wear old hand-me-down football kits, I really don't know.

After finding these things, I'm even more amazed to notice that we have wasted some clothing. Before we had Charlie, I would buy loads for Thomas and if they were a bit too small, would go into a suitcase, just in case, you never know if one day we'd have another child. Well, we did, have another child that is, yet none of this stuff got taken out of the suitcase. It just get left there and now is too small for even Charlie. I really don't know where my memory is going these days that I can forget about a whole suitcase of clothes.

Too sentimental?
Even I do have to admit to holding on to things though. My wedding dress, yes it's gorgeous and has a big sentimental value, but I'm never going to wear it again so why keep it? I have a 4 designer dresses in my cupboard, together worth over £1000, yet have never even had the tags taken off. Ordering a size 12 to hope I'll slim and get into them one day was such a waste and unless I can drop a dress size before our next night out, I wont be wearing them. Please note though, this wont be happening any time soon as I much prefer my food to fancy dresses.

Well, I've had it. No more holding on to clothing, no more hoarding and hiding things in cupboards. 
I'm now going to sell clothes for cash and you never know, maybe those useless Liverpool shirts will even bring us a few £££'s in. That or they'll make a good duster. Better not tell Simon I said that!

What do you do with your old clothes? Do you hoard like us?

-This is a sponsored post although everything wrote about in this post is my own writing and experiences


  1. I have tons of clothing which haven't thrown away even though they dunnot fit anymore

  2. I really need to get rid of loads of clothes since loosing weight nothing seems to fit me but need the £'s to get some more new bits that do fit. I don't think I have it in my heart to get rid of my wedding dress though.

  3. Look at you in your wedding dress...you look stunning and very happy! I didn't know you could sell clothes...fab idea! Not that I have any to sell :)

  4. i must admit when the boys grow out of clothes i put them in bin bag and shove them up in the loft in case we ever need them again although i have given some clothes away to charity shops and also left some at the hospital that cared for my oldest when he had his heart surgery but i do admit i am a bit of a hoarder with clothes lol

  5. I'm exactly the same and am blogging (well, trying to anyway) about my big cleanup. Because it's not just clothes, it's everything! Toys, books, it's getting beyond a joke.

    I did spend all last week sorting one room out, we've stored things in there since we moved in almost 8 years ago - now my front garden is full of black bags and a ton of junk waiting for the council to pick up for me!

    As for clothes, my kids' nan always buys them clothes - she loves her car boot sales and every Sunday spends the morning going to 4-5 different ones. The clothes she gets are amazing and much cheaper! The last outfit she bought was for Baby B - a Lonsdale set (trousers, vest and cardigan) and she paid 50p for it - it was brand new with the tags on!

    So they have so many nice clothes that I don't want to sell or throw away - but some they'll never wear :(

    I need a bigger house :)

  6. I rarely seem to get rid of any clothing unless its ripped or damaged and my kids have mountains of clothing i seen to have put off sorting. I started to put some stuff on ebay last week but its such a chore. Every now and then we bag stuff up and get the cash for clothes people to come and collect it. It doesnt bring in a great deal of money but its something.

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