12 May 2013


6 years ago the horrible news emerged on television about a 3 year of girl, Madeleine McCann, who had gone missing from her bed in Praia Da Luz, Portugal on Thursday May 3rd 2007 

Kate and Gerry McCann, her parents, were out in the complex restaurant having a bite to eat and were regularly popping back to check on their children. During one of these trips back that they discovered Madeleine was gone. No where to be found. 

This was one of the most high profile cases of recent times and even though international appeals and hundreds, maybe even thousands of sightings have been logged, Madeleine is still missing. 

Despite extensive searches and high profile international appeals Madeleine has never been found and no one knows what happened to Madeleine on that fateful Thursday evening on 3rd May 6 years ago.

Today is the 10th birthday of Madeleine McCann and so to help raise awareness and to let people know that the search will never be over until Madeleine is found, Britmums and a range of bloggers are coming together to write about her and to tell people that she is still missing using the tag #blogging4madeleine. 6 years she has been gone from her family, 6 years!

I really couldn't begin to imagine the pain that Kate and Gerry are going through. 

Only we, the public, can help keep the search going. Have you seen Madeleine? 

This photo is what is thought Madeleine will look like now. 

If you know what happened to Madeleine or have any information at all that may be of use, such as a possible sightings then contact your local police station immediately or the Madeleine investigation line on +44 845 838 4699. You can also email investigation@findmadeleine.com.

A Blog Linky is being run by Britmums to keep all the posts together in one place. Please pop over and read them and share them throughout all social media platforms possible. We need to get this out there so the public know never to give up. 


  1. When I think of Madeline and the other missing children, I hug mine closer.

  2. Apparently there is a British GP who told police about a sexual gesture made by a friend while talking to the father about Madeleine. You can read all about it here.. http://thegaspersstatement.blogspot.co.uk/

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is also a couple (part of a group of 9 people) who later identified the father as the man they had seen carrying a child, resembling Madeleine, that night. You can read all about it here.. http://thesmithsighting.blogspot.co.uk/

    And it just gets worse… a cadaver dog and a human blood dog (both British) positively alerted to/in several items/locations all connected to the McCann’s… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EHJjpXii9o


  3. Thanks for your support with the campaign and for this great post. I just hope regardless of what people think happened she is found and returned home where she belongs so there is some form of closure.

  4. Let's hope that through this campaign, Madeleine, and other like her, can be found.

  5. There is always hope - just look at those women in America found after 10+ years. God bless her xoxo