14 April 2013

Project 365 Week 15

I've done it again this week. I haven't taken a photo everyday. The news from last Sunday kinda knocked me sideways and so this week I've been a bit too shocked to do anything. Anyways, this is our week.

Sunday was in fact the day we revealed that we were expecting our third child. Yes, I did do 6 tests! We are now just waiting for a midwife appointment and wont know how far I am till my first scan.

As the weather has been a bit better we've had quite a bit of garden play this week. Charlie seems to enjoy going in and out of the house doors as many times as he can.

My dads mid life crisis. Yep, my dad has bought himself a sports car, a Mazda MX5. It is gorgeous, I'd love to have a drive of it but I think we'll be needing something a little bigger than a 2 seater. My dad keeps driving it with the top down but my mum can't stand it.

Chasing spiders over the paving stones. Boys will be boys!

Charlie trying to have a go on the swing. I don't think you're quite big enough just yet. After that he got on his YBike and gave me the dirtiest look because he couldn't go on the swing.

Thomas loves exploring his granddads new car. All the buttons that can be pressed and it's got no roof, how fun!

Riding his bike is Thomas' favourite outdoor activity. All safe with his blue helmet on, he needs it now too as he bombs it down the hill near our house, I nearly have a heart attack every time I see him going down it.

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  1. How exciting another baby on the way! It looks like the boys are having a great time on their bikes in the garden.

  2. Congratulations on the exciting news of another baby on the way :) So pleased for you all x

  3. am so excited for you re: baby :)

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival. Love the spider-chasing picture. And great bike-riding.

  5. Aww, so excited for you!
    Love the pics :) x


  6. Congratulations on your lovely news x

  7. cograts on the news. boys and their spiders, and boys and their toys!!

  8. Brilliant news, I'm glad I read it's not your husband's car because there's no space for a babyseat in that!

    Nipping over from the Country Kids linky but I've just noticed you've linked this up to 365 so thanks!

  9. What exciting news - congratulations on your baby news!

    My little boy has suddenly began to be terrified of spiders - I preferred it when he was a fan!

  10. Six tests? you really did want to be sure didn't you! Congratulations x

  11. Fab collage! Love the test picture lol. Best one ever! Congratz again x

  12. Brilliant combination of pictures. And, many congratulations!

  13. Congratulations! How exciting! :)