25 April 2013

I Want A New Bathroom

Why do you want a new bathroom I hear you ask? Well, we have lived in our house for 4 and a half years now and have never been able to afford a new bathroom. You know how it is, you go view a house. Yep, it looks nice from the outside. The inside is painted like a circus. Seriously, every wall was a different colour. The bathroom, yes the bathroom was yellow. And not a soothing, relaxing yellow but YELLOW with such a boldness that capital letters don't even do it justice. But of course, that's only the decoration. That can be changed. 

We moved in and decorated the bathroom a nice cream colour, 5 coats it took to cover the yellow, but eventually it looked nice. That is until we started noticing problems with the actual bathroom itself. 

This is a photo of our sink. It's not a great picture but you can vaguely make out marks on it. This is in fact a huge chunk of the sink which looks like it has had something dropped onto it and the old owners, instead of buying a new sink, they stuck the huge piece of it back on.
The taps on the bath had so much grime and lime-scale on them that we have now given up trying to clean it off. It looks like the taps weren't fixed correctly to the bath and instead of fixing them, some sort of sealant has been stuck around the base which connects them to the bath.
The side of the bath is a mess. I think the sealant may be older than me. From what I can see, there is an old white sealant which is incredibly mouldy underneath a clear sealant meaning we can't scrub the mould off so it constantly looks mucky even when the bathroom is clean.
The toilet is the worst bit. How can it get any worse? Well, let me explain. The cistern inside leaked, drip, drip, drip over the overflow. When it got bored of just overflowing to the outlet outside it started leaking into the floor boards. Unbeknown to us, dripping constantly, day in, day out. The first thing we knew about it is when we got back from shopping to find our downstairs W.C.'s ceiling on the floor. Yep, the ceiling fell through. After a lot of expense getting it all repaired and replacing the fittings inside the cistern eventually we were left with this.

These are the reasons why I think we should have a new bathroom. Why do we deserve one though? Well to be honest, we don't. I haven't raised a million for charity, I haven't ran a marathon dressed as a chicken or done anything to warrant such a prize but I think living with such a horrible bathroom for so long without actually wrecking it with a sledgehammer gives me some sort of a chance. 

Our dream bathroom would be the Galaxia Showerbath Suite as shown in the below picture but with the right hand bath rather than the left hand one shown.

We would need to get the bath flipped round as at the moment the taps are the opposite way around, in the middle of the room rather than against the wall as shown in the picture and to make sure that the shower and enclosure are fitted against the wall, this would need to happen. The toilet and sink are actually in a great place to maximise the space in the room. Our bathroom in fact isn't exactly massive but the space is worked so well that it looks bigger than it actually is.

Bath in current place, this would need turning round so the taps are against the wall

In the new bathroom, I would have white tiled floor and walls to look so clean cut and contemporary but would give it a bright bold twist with red mats and towels and a gorgeous red rose canvas to give it that floral edge. Silver fixtures and fitting to finish off would make me the happiest mum in the world.

I don't need whirlpool jets to tickle my fancy or a t.v. to watch whilst I pee, I just want a bathroom to be proud of. A place where I can relax once the kids are in bed whilst not having to see the horrors in our current suite. A gorgeous bathroom just for us.

So come on Bathshop321 and Tots100, please make my day and pick me!


  1. Good Luck, lets hope u win

  2. I would love a new bathroom, I live in a new build which is only 4 years old but I dream of a big jacuzzi bath and lovely shower!