28 April 2013

Munchkin Feeding Range

As the boys are getting older they like to have their own things, even down to forks and spoons. It's harder for Charlie as I don't like giving him metal forks as he might hurt himself but Charlie likes to be just like Thomas so gets frustrated that he cannot use forks. So now I am glad I came across the Munchkin feeding range.

We were sent four of their products to review, they were:

Toddler Plate Deco
This plate has 3 separate sections to help healthy eating habits. I always like to give Thomas a main part to a meal and then 2 sides so this plate is perfect. it keeps the food neat on his plate and means that food isn't touching. This is good as Thomas is fussy and wont eat food if it's touching something else. It's non-slip base also means that it can't get knocked off the table when we're eating.

Toddler Bowl Deco
This bowl has been designed in a square shape to make it easier when scooping food up. It is a good sized, deep bowl, the perfect size for Charlie. The bowl comes in coordinating designs to the toddler plate too. Again, like the plate, it has a non-slip base which is extra important as Charlie's tray on his highchair can become a little slippery at times. Both the bowl and plate come in 4 different designs and colours, blue, pink, orange and green.

Toddler Fork and Spoon Set
Thomas loves being independent and having his own spoon and fork, these ones are great too as they are metal and so are easy for him to pick food up and are helping him to learn making it easier for the transition to cutlery. The handles are fat and curved to aid self feeding .

Multi Coloured Forks and Spoons
These come as a pack of 6, there are 3 spoons and 3 forks. The spoons are quite deep and so make scooping food up simple and means that they hold more on them. I found that the fork is great for Charlie as it is plastic and so he cannot harm himself with it but it also means that Charlie feels independent and grown up because he is using a fork like his big brother.

I found the fact the all the products are bright and boldly coloured, more appealing to the boys. they loved the pictures on them and liked getting to the end off their dinner just so they could see the whale. I also think that the spoons and forks having a big handles makes holding them easier, especially for younger children like Charlie. He now can hold his fork and be just like his big brother Thomas which he loves.

You can find the Munchkin feeding range in ASDA, Morrisons and various other stores too including online. 
Check out the Munchkin website here or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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27 April 2013

Project 365 Week 16-17

I know, I know, I'm useless. I can't even remember to do this post every week let alone every day like some bloggers are doing. So this is a 2 week catch up.

This week  Thomas decided to show off his muscles. After telling me that he was a big boy just like daddy, he decided to take off his top and show me just how big his muscles are, kids eh?
After a long day of playing both boys needed a nap to recuperate but of course as the next photo shows, we all need food. Charlie loves his food and even has to open his mouth as wide as possible to make sure it all fits in.
The boys are always having cuddles and then both go off to play. Thomas enjoys being outside playing on his bikes whereas Charlie prefers banging his drum. Poor Turner and Filipe must have banding headaches after being bashed about so much.
Charlie loves his blanket. He has had it since he was born and it has his name and date of birth on it. Charlie will not sleep without it.

Charlie adores playing peek-a-boo and is forever hiding behind things, on Sunday, it was the cushions on the sofa. Well he found it amusing anyways.
After having some yummy lunch in the garden, we went for a nice walk, the boys on their bikes, to enjoy the nice sun we are getting at the moment.
This was a sad day for us. On Tuesday, I miscarried our baby so didn't take any photos 
Wednesday had the boys having a nap after the sun had knocked them out.
Ever since I found out that the ice cream man sells slushies, I have had one everyday since. They are so yummy. Charlie enjoying his porridge for breakfast, he will seriously eat anything.
Another day in the sun for the boys. We had a nice walk, Thomas enjoyed wearing daddies sunglasses and playing on the huge stones. One was even shaped like a dolphin, how cool is that.

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25 April 2013

I Want A New Bathroom

Why do you want a new bathroom I hear you ask? Well, we have lived in our house for 4 and a half years now and have never been able to afford a new bathroom. You know how it is, you go view a house. Yep, it looks nice from the outside. The inside is painted like a circus. Seriously, every wall was a different colour. The bathroom, yes the bathroom was yellow. And not a soothing, relaxing yellow but YELLOW with such a boldness that capital letters don't even do it justice. But of course, that's only the decoration. That can be changed. 

We moved in and decorated the bathroom a nice cream colour, 5 coats it took to cover the yellow, but eventually it looked nice. That is until we started noticing problems with the actual bathroom itself. 

This is a photo of our sink. It's not a great picture but you can vaguely make out marks on it. This is in fact a huge chunk of the sink which looks like it has had something dropped onto it and the old owners, instead of buying a new sink, they stuck the huge piece of it back on.
The taps on the bath had so much grime and lime-scale on them that we have now given up trying to clean it off. It looks like the taps weren't fixed correctly to the bath and instead of fixing them, some sort of sealant has been stuck around the base which connects them to the bath.
The side of the bath is a mess. I think the sealant may be older than me. From what I can see, there is an old white sealant which is incredibly mouldy underneath a clear sealant meaning we can't scrub the mould off so it constantly looks mucky even when the bathroom is clean.
The toilet is the worst bit. How can it get any worse? Well, let me explain. The cistern inside leaked, drip, drip, drip over the overflow. When it got bored of just overflowing to the outlet outside it started leaking into the floor boards. Unbeknown to us, dripping constantly, day in, day out. The first thing we knew about it is when we got back from shopping to find our downstairs W.C.'s ceiling on the floor. Yep, the ceiling fell through. After a lot of expense getting it all repaired and replacing the fittings inside the cistern eventually we were left with this.

These are the reasons why I think we should have a new bathroom. Why do we deserve one though? Well to be honest, we don't. I haven't raised a million for charity, I haven't ran a marathon dressed as a chicken or done anything to warrant such a prize but I think living with such a horrible bathroom for so long without actually wrecking it with a sledgehammer gives me some sort of a chance. 

Our dream bathroom would be the Galaxia Showerbath Suite as shown in the below picture but with the right hand bath rather than the left hand one shown.

We would need to get the bath flipped round as at the moment the taps are the opposite way around, in the middle of the room rather than against the wall as shown in the picture and to make sure that the shower and enclosure are fitted against the wall, this would need to happen. The toilet and sink are actually in a great place to maximise the space in the room. Our bathroom in fact isn't exactly massive but the space is worked so well that it looks bigger than it actually is.

Bath in current place, this would need turning round so the taps are against the wall

In the new bathroom, I would have white tiled floor and walls to look so clean cut and contemporary but would give it a bright bold twist with red mats and towels and a gorgeous red rose canvas to give it that floral edge. Silver fixtures and fitting to finish off would make me the happiest mum in the world.

I don't need whirlpool jets to tickle my fancy or a t.v. to watch whilst I pee, I just want a bathroom to be proud of. A place where I can relax once the kids are in bed whilst not having to see the horrors in our current suite. A gorgeous bathroom just for us.

So come on Bathshop321 and Tots100, please make my day and pick me!

It's Our Blogiversary! 1 Year Giveaway

This month marks our 1 year anniversary of having our blog. I know it's a sad thing to write about but I never thought our little blog would grow so much and that I'd still be writing it now. After all the ups and downs of the past year, I think we need a good celebration to get up back on track. So with thanks to Babymoov who are offering this prize, I would like to start our Birthday celebration with a giveaway.

The prize on offer is a gorgeous Baby Style maternity bag from Babymoov. The winner will be able to choose which one they would like out of the 4 designs and this will be sent direct from Babymoov. 

We recently reviewed the Baby Chic bag here which we thought was not only practical but stylish and spacious too with the extras of the change mat, bottle bag, soother pocket and blanket being an added charm. 

To enter for a chance to win this prize simply follow the simple Rafflecopter instructions below making sure you do the 2 mandatory entries for your entries to be valid.  If you are commenting on this post to enter please make sure, if you post anonymously or with a different name, then you write in the comment what your name is so I can verify your entry otherwise you will not be entered. 

For full terms and conditions please click here.

Good luck!

24 April 2013

Wednesday Words - Our Loss

I haven't joined into Wednesday Words for a while now and to Emma from Crazy With Twins, I am truly sorry for missing out.

I don't really want to say much this week and this picture explains why...

Yes. Yesterday our bump, our baby, our third child decided that now was not the right time to be coming into the world and unfortunately, I miscarried. It is obviously a sad time for my husband and I, not to mention the boys too. Trying to explain to a 3 year old that there is now no baby in mummies tummy is hard work and he doesn't really understand. It just wasn't our time to become a family of five.

I found this poem and it really brings home just how I feel and so this is what I share for Wednesday Words this week.

A Lament for My Baby

I never got to hear you laugh, you never saw me cry
Didn't get a chance to say "Hello", you never said "Goodbye"
I didn't think that I could feel so sad, lost and forlorn.
I never knew God chose his Angels before some of them were born.
Your life was short yet special, I shared it all exclusively
I felt you breathe, I felt you kick, You were alive inside of me.
Every baby is an Angel and every angel is divine
God needed one in heaven, he came down and took mine
And although we are not together, we're not really apart
For you'll always occupy a space, deep within my heart.
Time has begun to ease my pain, It's only some days now I cry.
When I wish I could have said "Hello" and heard you say "Goodbye"
                                                                    ~Author Unknown

Wednesday Words

16 April 2013

Spring Clean With A New Spring Bedroom

I like to keep our d├ęcor following the seasons. At winter, changing to warm colours and spring/summer times, changing to more cool, flowery designs. At the moment we are still in our winter mode meaning we have dark plum coloured walls and blushed pink accessories. Stylish floral canvases and warm scented candles make up our sumptuous bedroom, but now we need a change. Spring is about light and airy designs, simple lines and reflective lights.

If I could decorate my room any style at the moment, I'd go green and silver with floral essences. A gorgeous green patterned wallpaper along the back wall to make it stand out behind our (hopefully) new Silentnight Diamond Collection bed. A matching apple green style colour for the rest of the walls and gorgeous silver lanterns at on the windowsill to give the bedroom a lovely atmosphere. 

I would accessorise with coordinating silver lamps either side of the bed, a very suitable 'love' sign above the bed a tea lights spread about. Well, this is supposed to be 'where the magic happens' so it'll be nice to have the romantic atmosphere that the candles will give. 

Highly reflective frames will display our most memorable photos together and we would have hanging, a simply gorgeous canvas displaying my favourite saying:

'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, 
it's about learning to dance in the rain'

I love this quote and think it work really well in explaining marriage. Yes, it's not all happy, happy, happy, smelling of roses, but as long as you learn to be happy and make the best of what you have, you'll have a better outlook on life and of your relationship.

The reflection from the mirror will make the room light and airy. Even on the dullest day just simply light a few of the candles and place them in front of the mirror for instant brightness, no more gloomy day!

I'd love our bedroom to look like this and hoping that one day soon my hubby will give to go ahead to let me start shopping for it.

How would you decorate your spring bedroom?

This blog post is part of the Silentnight Spring Bedroom Makeover Challenge

15 April 2013

Out Without the Kids

Now it's not often that we get to go out without the boys. I'm not very trusting of people and hate leaving the children so unless my mum or my oldest sister are free we don't get to go out. 

After finding out last week that we are expecting our third child, it got me thinking that Simon and I could do with a good night out. Not drinking of course but somewhere nice to spend time together. So, that got me looking into things we can do to get out of the house for a bit, just to 2 of us.

Maybe we could go for a posh meal. There are loads of posh restaurants in Leeds centre so we could choose one, get dressed up and treat ourselves. I do like nice restaurants but as I'm fussy with food, I don't like all this raw in the middle rubbish, it makes it hard choosing what to have. Give me good old fish and chips any day. Oooh, there is a nice fish and chip restaurant in town, result!

We could also go to the cinema. See a good film, eat some popcorn. Although this one causes a problem. I like comedies and psychological thrillers whereas Simon likes action and fighting films. This is the argument we have all the time. Who gets to pick the film?

Then there's going to a concert. I love music of all different types. I like the weird and wonderful, from ballads to rock, I'll listen to anything. We could book Paloma Faith tickets and go listen to some mature music. I love Paloma Faith. She has such a quirky style and you can tell that all her songs are from the heart. It would be great to get dolled up and go belt out some of her great tunes. I love concerts too. Getting to hear people singing live, all the passion, the voice, seeing peoples personalities really coming out and shining. 

Which ever we pick to do, I know we'll have a great time together, just us 2, having a laugh and bonding more as a couple should do. My mum has agreed to look after the boys when we decided on a date and time that we will be going out. I can't wait!

What do you do when you're not with your children?

- Note: This is a sponsored post.

14 April 2013

Project 365 Week 15

I've done it again this week. I haven't taken a photo everyday. The news from last Sunday kinda knocked me sideways and so this week I've been a bit too shocked to do anything. Anyways, this is our week.

Sunday was in fact the day we revealed that we were expecting our third child. Yes, I did do 6 tests! We are now just waiting for a midwife appointment and wont know how far I am till my first scan.

As the weather has been a bit better we've had quite a bit of garden play this week. Charlie seems to enjoy going in and out of the house doors as many times as he can.

My dads mid life crisis. Yep, my dad has bought himself a sports car, a Mazda MX5. It is gorgeous, I'd love to have a drive of it but I think we'll be needing something a little bigger than a 2 seater. My dad keeps driving it with the top down but my mum can't stand it.

Chasing spiders over the paving stones. Boys will be boys!

Charlie trying to have a go on the swing. I don't think you're quite big enough just yet. After that he got on his YBike and gave me the dirtiest look because he couldn't go on the swing.

Thomas loves exploring his granddads new car. All the buttons that can be pressed and it's got no roof, how fun!

Riding his bike is Thomas' favourite outdoor activity. All safe with his blue helmet on, he needs it now too as he bombs it down the hill near our house, I nearly have a heart attack every time I see him going down it.

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Tru Diamonds Quintet Eternity Ring

With our fifth wedding anniversary coming up in July, I've been telling Simon about how much I would love an eternity ring to show our commitment to each other 5 years after our gorgeous wedding day. After looking around for a bit, I realised that diamond rings really are extremely expensive and way out of our price bracket. That was when I came across Tru diamonds. 

Tru Diamonds are the worlds finest quality simulated diamonds. When judged by the characteristics used by expert gemmologists to grade diamonds, Tru-Diamonds measured up to the finest of fine grading. The only difference from diamonds is that Tru diamonds are always a perfect ice-white in colour, flawless in clarity, and are a perfectly cut every time. They are also exactly the same sizes as conventional diamonds, a 1 carat Tru Diamond is the same size as a 1 carat diamond. 

Tru Diamonds say:
"With Tru-Diamonds, you will enjoy all the status, pleasure and confidence of the very finest diamond jewellery at a small fraction of the cost. These amazing simulated diamonds look so real that no one will ever know.....unless you tell them"

Each Tru Diamond gem is cut, polished and crafted under the most stringent criteria of colour, quality, size and shape resulting in gems with the brilliance, fire and lustre usually only seen in rare, top-grade diamonds. 

After much deliberating on the Tru Diamonds website, I eventually chose the Quintet Eternity ring. This had a row of pink and white simulated diamonds (2 pink and 3 white), the total of the diamonds is 1.25 carat, so they are quite big in size. The Tru diamonds are sat on an 18ct gold clad band..

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was sat in front of me and I was sat looking down at the gorgeous ring thinking to myself, I could never afford anything like this. Oh my, it is stunning, elegant and so understated yet the pink diamonds stand out making it look cute and girly at the same time. 

After wearing it for about a week, we popped shopping and as I was paying for our shopping, the woman behind the counter grabbed my hand and started raving about how gorgeous the ring was, how much it must be worth. Had I won the lottery? Where could she get something similar? After a quick explanation about how they were in fact simulated diamonds, she took the web address of the Tru Diamonds website and was eager to go check it out. 

Me on the other hand, I couldn't believe that the ring was only priced at £129 and you can also get the Easy-Pay option of making 3 separate monthly payments of £43 each. After looking around for similar types of this ring but made with diamonds, the closest I could find was priced at £1629.00, that's a huge difference to say that I could tell no difference between them. 

The great thing about Tru Diamonds is once bought you are covered by their risk free guarantee. This has 3 parts:

1. 90 Day Money Back Trial - Enjoy your Tru-Diamond jewellery for 90 days. Show it off, and if you're not delighted, we'll refund your purchase price.
2. Lifetime Quality Guarantee - Tru-Diamond last a lifetime. We'll replace your stone without question in the event of damage or discolouration.
3. Lifetime Replacement Warranty - In the unlikely event that your gemstone comes loose from its mounting and is lost, we'll give you a replacement stone. No need to buy expensive insurance.

You can buy Tru Diamond jewellery from their website here where you can purchase rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches and mens jewellery.

Tru Diamond can be followed on FacebookTwitter and on Pinterest.

Note: I received this product in order to give it my full and frank honest opinion about it. All facts are take from the companies website but all opinions are my own.

7 April 2013

We're Extending The House By 2 Feet!

I've been trying to think of clever, cryptic ways of revealing this and have been racking my brains trying to figure out how but it turns out I'm not that imaginative. So I decided to just say it how it is. We are extending the house by 2 feet, in other words... I'm pregnant! Eeeeek!

6 tests just to be sure

Now I know I shouldn't really be revealing it just now as people say that no one should know till around 13 weeks when everything is safe but I can't keep secrets. I just have to tell people before I burst with excitement. 

Thomas has decided that we are having a girl and that we should call her Betty, I really dunno where he gets that name from.

By the end of this year we will be a family of 5!
Life in a Break Down

6 April 2013

Project 365 Week 12-14

I'm trying to make up for missing the past few weeks of Project 365 as we've been ill and last week I didn't feel up to taking photos since we were all just tucked up on the sofa most of the week. For that reason, you will notice that some of these photos have actually been taken on the same day but I just wanted to catch up so we didn't miss out on days.

So this is our fortnight...
Thomas got to meet my nanas puppy Gizmo and has now decided that he wants a little dog of his own. 

Both boys had a play in the garden, climbing on the climbing frames, swinging and playing that ride-ons. 

Thomas felt well enough to actually go to his last day of Nursery before they broke up for the Easter holidays. They had a stay and play for the last day where I helped him making an Easter bonnet and then afterwards had a little party to celebrate Easter. Thomas then brought home a little paper mache bowl with a chocolate cornflake bun inside it and a little chick.

The boys are little posers and love having their photos taken.

Daddy, AKA my husband Simon, getting ready for a job interview. He's now waiting to meet the big boss next week and see whether he'll get the job. Fingers crossed!

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3 April 2013

We've been ill!

Now some of you may have noticed that we haven't been round for a while now. It isn't because I didn't want to blog but actually because all four of us had been struck down by a virus which made us all quite ill indeed. 

Thomas came home from nursery on Friday 22nd March saying that he was tired and wanted to sleep. I straight away knew there was something wrong as he's usually very playful after nursery. After a quick word with his teacher, she let us know that he had been very quiet and complaining of tiredness and not feeling well. 

As the afternoon progresses, he seemed to liven up a bit and so we though that maybe it was passing but boy were we wrong. Fast forward to Saturday morning and we all woke up feeling it. Sickness, dizziness, headaches, coughing, you name it, we had it. All of us were just laid on the sofas too ill to eat, too ill to do anything apart from sleep and so that's what we did. For the whole week. Non of us went out of the house in that week as we didn't want to pass it on and the dizzy spells were making it hard too.

Now though we are eventually feeling better. The horrible feeling of not being able to eat has now passed and I think we are all making up for it as we've hardly stopped eating the past few days.

It turns out that it was some virus that seems to be going round a lot at the moment and there was nothing really we could do apart from to ride it out.

I'm so glad we are all better now and hoping that we don't have to suffer with that horrible virus again.