6 March 2013

Wednesday Words - Genius

I get judged a lot by people who I've never even spoken to and people I know too. 

But why? Why do I get judged just because I don't do everything the same as you or because 'back in my day we did things this way'.
  • I'm a young mum. seriously?! I was 21 when I had Thomas, not exactly that young. 
  • I got married too early. Yes,  may have got married when I was 20 years old but me and my husband have now been together over 8 years and are still going strong. Who are you to judge?
  • I'm layabout because I choose not to work so I can look after my children.
  • I've 'changed' because I don't go out all the time with my friends. YES!!! Everyone changes. No, it's not because I HAVE to stay at home and run around after my children making sure they are clean, fed, watered, taught things, etc. It's because I choose to do all of those things. I actually want to be there for my children and see every milestone whether big or small. 
I think sometimes people forget that we are all different. There is no point judging me on my painting skills as although I think I am pretty damn good, my husband says different. There is also no point judging my parenting skills, I really couldn't give a crap what you assume you know about me and my family but all I know is that I am doing my best and will always put my 2 boys first in whatever situation arises. 

Like Albert Einstein said:

'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, 
it will live it's while life believing it is stupid'

Just because you think you are correct, remember there will always be someone in the distance judging the way you do things. How would you feel?


  1. Amen! Well said hun! You must try to ignore those who judge you, they are not worth your time. Or pity them instead, for not knowing any different. I had my daughter at 21 too, but people stare at me and comment that "I'm so young". I think that, FOR ME (I'm not judging people who have them at other ages), I was the perfect age to start having children. Mind you, at 27, I still get ID'd in pubs! lol.

    Thanks for joining in with Wednesday Words. I hope you don't let those who judge, get you down. They don't know you, like you do, and they aren't living in your shoes. Parenting of all things, is unique to everyone, just because we all do it differently, doesn't mean any of us are better or worse than others. xx

  2. Here here! We are all different pebbles in the ocean, all moulded differently and going through different experiences. No one person is the same and as that old saying goes :

    "Before we can truly understand another person, we must walk a mile in their moccasins. Before we can walk in another persons moccasins, we must first take off our own." -Native American saying

    I get judged a lot too, but then I also judge, life can be a mirror, unfortunately, it is part of being human we judge, compare to understand who we are. BUT, its important to become aware of our own judgements so we can grown and evolve as people. Love this post, lots of passion!