21 March 2013

Project 365 Week 11

Day 69
Thomas is always eating Hula Hoops and just has to have them on his fingers.
Day 70
The boys are always helping me in doing the washing, they love getting the clothing out of the washing machine to put into the dryer.
Day 71
We popped into town today and saw the Super Computer from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Take-Away. It was way too busy to try and have a go though.
Day 72
We enjoy painting and I find that it helps Thomas and I to bond. We bought these from Wilkinsons, both costing only £1 and they were great fun to do.
Day 73
Playing in a box, obviously the best toy in the world.
Day 74
Thomas made buns at Nursery for Red Nose Day today. Yummy chocolate ones with a cherry for the nose.
Day 75
Having a ride on his big bike

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  1. Great photos! What is it about kids and boxes? they can play in them for ages!